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ALVA 544 Satellite

Ultra slim and portable

If you want to know how attractive a braille display can be, check out the ultra slim, lightweight, yet solid appearance of the ALVA 544 Satellite. In the office, at school, or at home, the 544 Satellite will meet or exceed your demands. Whether you're looking for superior braille output, ease of use, enhanced navigation possibilities, portability, or durability, the 544 Satellite is here to serve you.

Easy-to-replace and rechargeable batteries

Disconnected from the main power, the ALVA 544 Satellite operates for many hours using the easy-to-replace batteries. These will be recharged in the braille display automatically, when connected to the main power.

Facts and figures

Front side layout

  • Two satellite key pads, six keys each
  • 44 piezoelectric braille cells
  • Double Touch Cursors
  • Four navigation front keys
  • Two operating front keys

Back side layout

  • On/off switch
  • One nine-pin serial port
  • Two downstream USB ports for connection of USB devices
  • Upstream USB port for PC connection
  • Main power connector

Power supply

  • Built-in 110 - 240 volt / 12 watt power adapter
  • Ten replaceable and rechargeable AA-type batteries, operation time 15 hours

Configuration options

  • Selectable sound schemes
  • Use three status cells and forty reading cells or use forty-four reading cells
  • Status cells at right or left side
  • Switch satellite keypad functions from left to right and vice versa
  • Rearrange front key functions
  • Save and load different settings
  • Self-test facilities


  • 310 x 290 x 24 mm (width x depth x height)


  • 2100 grams

Accessories supplied

  • Long and short USB and serial cables- Power supply cable
  • Combination backpack/carrying case
  • Two keyboard supports
  • Velcro attachment strips for laptops
  • ALVA Satellite drivers
  • ALVA Satellite manual in print (braille available on demand) and on diskette


  • IBM compatible PCs
  • Windows 98/95 and Windows NT
  • Open Standard enables compatibility with most screen reader software and operating systems. For tailor-made solutions, please contact your dealer or ALVA.


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