ALVA Braille Display Delphi 440

With this 43-cell braille display and built-in speech synthesizer, a maximum of forty characters can be represented in braille. Three additional status cells provide information on the position of the PC cursor, the position of the braille display and typography (underlining, italic, bold, etc.). The speech synthesizer can speak one or more words, an entire sentence, an entire screen or an entire text file when so desired.

The Delphi 440 is small, compact and thus particularly suited for use in combination with a notebook PC. This makes the Delphi 440 an ideal study aid. Only a single parallel or serial cable is needed for operation. The three other ports can be used for additional applications such as a printer or connecting a second computer with ALVA Feelme software.

The Delphi 440 comes standard with very user-friendly MS DOS functionality for braille and speech. The braille display is also perfectly suited for combination with present-day graphic screen readers.


  • 43 piezoelectric braille cells
  • double touch cursors
  • four navigation keys
  • three operating keys

Back and inside

  • two parallel ports
  • two serial ports
  • two DIN connectors
  • headphone connection
  • on/off switch
  • multi-language Dolphin Juno speech synthesizer
  • battery (5-7 hours battery time)


  • 310 x 300 x 35 mm (width x depth x height)


  • 2.5 kilograms

Accessories supplied

  • parallel and serial cable
  • combination backpack/carrying case
  • two keyboard supports
  • headphones
  • adaptor
  • standard combined braille/speech MS DOS software and Windows drivers
  • manual (braille, print, audio cassette, diskette)


  • all IBM compatible PCs and notebooks
  • MS DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, Unix
  • outSPOKEN, Jaws, Virgo, Protalk, SWB, Visiobraille, SRD/2
  • customization for various telephone systems
  • combination with diverse speech synthesizers


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