ALVA Braille Display Delphi MultiMedia 440

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Slim and Ergonomic Design

With its Double Touch Cursors, four navigation keys and three operating keys, the ALVA Delphi MultiMedia 440 offers full access to even the most complicated graphic screens. And thanks to its comprehensive, slim, and ergonomic design, the ALVA Delphi Multimedia 440 is both easy and comfortable to use. A notebook computer can easily be placed on top of it. So, whether you want to write a letter in MS Word, work in Lotus spreadsheets, browse the Internet with Netscape or Explorer, or just relax and read text line-by-line, it can all be done with the slim ALVA Delphi Multimedia 440, even when you are on the go.

Technical concept ALVA Delphi MultiMedia 440

Status Cells

The 43-cell ALVA Delphi Multimedia 440 represents forty characters in braille. The three status cells provide additional useful and functional information. For example, when using outSPOKEN Ensemble, the status cells display information about the vertical and horizontal positions of the braille display focus on the screen, text attributes at the cursor location, the number of items in a list or menu, the graphics displayed on the screen, and more. When using JAWS, the status cells provide information about the cursor mode, the length of the actual text line and how much of it is displayed in the reading cells.

Double Touch Cursors

By using the Double Touch Cursor (DTC) technology, the ALVA Delphi MultiMedia 440 provides an easy way to invoke screen feedback through the braille display. Together with outSPOKEN Ensemble or JAWS, the ALVA Delphi Multimedia 440 exemplifies the powerful integration of braille and speech. When using outSPOKEN Ensemble, the DTC functionality is built-in making it unnecessary to define its function or to set macros. Press a DTC and receive information about text attributes when you need it, rather than receiving continuous readout. If a braille cell displays a two-character code for a specific graphic symbol or Windows icon, press the DTC to hear the full name of that item. Additionally, the DTC above the status cells can be used to receive more information about the contents in those cells. When using JAWS, the DTC functionality provides information about the focus position and text font attributes. And together with either outSPOKEN Ensemble or JAWS, the Double Touch Cursors on the ALVA Delphi Multimedia 440 can be used to simulate right mouse clicks in a Windows environment, allowing for easy and efficient editing.

Facts and figures

Front side layout

  • 43 piezoelectric braille cells
  • double touch cursors
  • four navigation keys
  • three operating keys

Back side layout

  • two parallel ports
  • two serial ports
  • two DIN connectors
  • headphone connection
  • on/off switch


  • battery (8 hours operating time)


  • 310 x 300 x 30 mm (width x depth x height)


  • 2.5 kilograms

Accessories supplied

  • parallel and serial cable
  • combination backpack/carrying case
  • two keyboard supports
  • headphones
  • mains adapter
  • standard braille ABT DOS software and Windows drivers
  • Jaws scripts for DTC support
  • ALVA Delphi MM manual in braille, print and on diskette
  • ABT DOS software manual on diskette


  • IBM compatible PC's
  • MS-DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2 and Unix operating systems
  • outSPOKEN, Jaws, Virgo, Protalk, SWB, Visiobraille, HAL, SRD/2 and many other screen reader software
  • customization for phone switch systems
  • various hardware and software speech synthesizer


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