outSPOKEN software for Windows 3.1x

Supports Windows 3.1x (and Windows DOS Box!), Microsoft Office, Netscape, multiple languages, Sound Blaster speech and refreshable braille.

Internationally recognized for usability, stability and capability

outSPOKEN for Windows is a powerful and flexible screen reader for Microsoft Windows 3.1, 3.11, and Windows 95. It provides a full-featured and robust speech output interface for the Windows environment, allowing a visually impaired user to independently use mainstream software on a standard PC.

Powerful Features

  • Full DOS Box support
  • Automatic cursor and highlight tracking
  • Identifies all fonts, sizes, and styles
  • Announces new windows and dialogue boxes
  • Identifies icons, buttons, check boxes, and other graphical controls in a distinctive Graphics Voice
  • Grade II braille
  • Full braille access to icons and graphical controls

Competitive Advantages

  • Windows 95 Compatible
  • outSPOKEN provides full access to Windows 95, as well as all versions of Windows 3.1X
  • No programming required
  • outSPOKEN is ready to read all standard software right out of the box.


outSPOKEN supports through SSIL the widest variety of speech synthesizers, sound cards, and braille displays.

Reliable and robust

  • outSPOKEN performs in situations where no other screen reader can.
  • Video hardware independent
  • outSPOKEN supports all windows 3.1X and '95 compatible video display adapters.

Easy to Install

  • Installs on virtually any PC, including laptops
  • No sighted assistance required

Easy to Learn

  • Manual provided in braille, print, cassette and electronic formats
  • High-quality technical support
  • Windows tutorial for Windows 3.1X and Windows 95

Easy to Use

  • All commands located on PC's numeric keypad
  • One set of simple reading commands work everywhere
  • Reads through complex window layouts intelligently

Easy to customize

  • Multiple voices differentiate between text, graphics and system events
  • User-definable graphic names
  • Complete set of adjustable feedback settings


  • Compatible with all standard applications: Accounting Packages, CD-ROMs, Databases, E-Mail programs, Installers, Spreadsheets, Word Processors, World Wide Web browsers.
  • outSPOKEN supports a wide variety of speech output with SSIL drivers: Accent, Artic, braille 'n Speak, DECtalk, Dolphin Synthesizers, DoubleTalk, Infovox, Keynote, Smarttalk, Soundblaster with Textassist, Sounding Board, and many others

Systems Requirements

  • Machine Speed/Processor: PC compatible, 486/33 DX or better
  • Output: Supported speech synthesizer or sound card
  • Operating System: Windows 3.1X, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95
  • Video display adapter: any Windows 3.1X and Windows '95 compatible display adapter.

Supported braille displays

  • ALVA: ALVA Braille Terminal 3 series, ALVA Delphi 4 series
  • TSI: Navigator series, PowerBraille serie

  Call 800-317-9611 for more information.

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