OPENBook 6.X

OPENBook is software developed for blind and visually impaired individuals to read, edit, and manage scanned images from books, magazines, manuals, bills, newspapers, and other printed documents. It essentially turns your computer system into a scanning and reading machine. Its talking installation guides you through, or you may choose to use your screen reader. Additionally, OPENBook comes complete with a wide range of productivity tools such as email capabilities, a word processing system, one-of-a-kind page layout descriptions, and a whole menu of features for low vision users.

OPENBook is easy to use. Simply place your text on the scanner. Once scanned, OPENBook software converts your printed page into electronic text to be read aloud by the synthesizer. Low vision users may choose to tailor the visual display through magnification, special character spacing, and high contrast color settings.

Use the links below to learn more about OPENBook 6.0:OPENBook 5.0

Editing Capabilities: Using the built-in editor, scanned documents can be edited for print, email attachment, or other uses. Features include: dictionary, thesaurus, spell check; page insertion, deletion, and replacement (with new scanned page); book marking for quick reference points within a document.

Page Layout Descriptions: The software will collect information such as column headings, pictures, captions, footnotes, graphics, text blocks, and tables, and report it upon demand. Choose Page Layout Description to hear how many of each element is on a page, or Page Layout Navigation to move quickly from one element to the next.

Scanning Modes: Choose from several scenarios, such as color, 2-page book mode, and special "Scan for Speed" or "Scan for Accuracy" suites.

OCR Engines: Optical Character Recognition is how a scanner translates the scanned information into speech and screen text. OPENBook offers three different engines to choose from, as well as a special "correction feature" to automatically correct misrecognized words. Special hotkey-keystrokes activate Spell Check and Find/Replace functions.

Additional OPENBook Features and Specifications:

  • Ability to change synthesizers on the fly
  • Built-in recognition support for 13 languages
  • Buckscan Currency Recognition System
  • Classic OPENBook menu interface and a standard Windows interface
  • IBM's ViaVoice™ Outloud speech software to make your PC speak
  • Editing Tools such as page insertion, deletion, and replacement (with new scanned page)
  • Bookmarks to specify important places in your text
  • True 32-bit Windows application characteristics
  • Standard Windows menus, dialogs, and commands
  • Caere OCR and FineReader decolumnization
  • Support for SSIL speech synthesizers
  • Built-in Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Spell Checker
  • Supports hundreds of input filters, including the latest versions of Word, Word Perfect and Word Pro, as well as HTML documents

System Requirements:

Pentium (tm) class or more PC
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0/2000 Professional
200 MB free hard disk space
CD-ROM drive
Sound card or SSIL-supported synthesizer
Supported HIP or TWAIN-compatible scanner

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