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Utilizing the excellent tools from Arkenstone such as Arkenstone's Open Book,  AiSquared's ZoomText Extra and DECtalk Synapse builds turn-key integrated solutions for blind, low vision, mobility and cognitively impaired individuals for individuals, school, libraries and rehabilitation agencies.

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Adaptive and assistive technology...

Blind, low vision and learning disabled users will find products such as Arkenstone's Open Book, ZoomText Xtra, DECTalk, and VisAbility to be excellent adaptive tools for mitigating visual impairments.  Let Synapse design your special needs lab, rehabilitation facility, or access to your library.

Reading Now

What is a Reading Machine?

A reading machine is an electronic appliance that scans a printed page, and through an internal synthesized voice, reads the printed material back to you.  A good reading machine is compact, easy to use, and versatile, with a pleasant, tactile surface, and a clear voice that uses life-like intonations.

You don't need to be an electronic whiz to use it.  A good reading machine lets you read now, or save the scanned material and read it later, building a library of your favorite books.

Arkenstone has created just such a tool and we are very proud of its performance and capabilities.  We call it An Open Book, because it is as easy to use as sitting down and opening a book.

From PC to Reading Tool

An Open Book Scanning & Reading

Arkenstone is proud to announce the release of Open Book Scanning & Reading. This is our first complete rewrite of our Open Book reading software since it was introduced as the first talking Windows application back in 1992.

This document answers many of the common questions we've been getting from current and potential Arkenstone users. We look forward to answering more of your questions, and to providing you with the best reading tools in the world!

For more information about the An Open Book: Ruby edition

Users' FAQ first

Access Products

DECtalkTM Speech Synthesizer

Sit back and let your PC do the talking! With the DECtalk Speech Synthesizer, any printed text that has been converted to an electronic PC format can now be heard loud and clear.  Using a wide range of distinctive voices, DECtalk provides life-like sound and inflection.  DECtalk gives you complete control over volume, speed, pitch, and pronunciation.

For more information about DECtalk

Scan and Read 'Seeing the Page'

A key component in reading technology is the scanner.   The scanner takes a picture of the page and sends it to the reading machine or PC, which translates that picture into understandable text.  The better the picture, the more successful the translation.


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