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Money, Math and Time
First Money MAC/WIN $59.00
Show Me Math MAC/WIN $99.00
Show Me Math MAC/WIN $9.00
Spending Money MAC/WIN $59.00
Computers at Work MAC/WIN $169.00
Basic Signs MAC/WIN $59.00
Making Change MAC/WIN $59.00
Time Scales MAC/WIN $99.00
Basic Fractions WIN Only $59.00
Match Time MAC/WIN $99.00
Counting Coins MAC/WIN           $79.00


Word Wise MAC/WIN $99.00
Show Me Spelling MAC/WIN $129.00
Looking for Words MAC/WIN $99.00
Survival Signs and Words MAC/WIN $199.00
Five Show Me Spelling CD's $329.00
Palabras Esencials Package $99.00
Safety Signs MAC/WIN $79.00
Community Signs MAC/WIN $79.00
Looking for Words MAC/WIN $99.00
Life Skills
Grooming for Life MAC/WIN $59.00
Picture Cue Dictionary MAC/WIN $99.00
Personal Success MAC/WIN $129.00
Community Success MAC/WIN $189.00
Art Touch Software MAC/WIN $99.00
Work Skills
Job Web Search Curriculum MAC/WIN $99.00
Social Skills at Work MAC/WIN $99.00
Computers at Work MAC/WIN $169.00
Five Computers at Work CD's $429.00
Disability Awareness
No Body’s Perfect MAC/WIN $59.00
Asperger Syndrome DVD $59.00
Autism Spectrum Disorders DVD $59.00
All About Autism DVD Series $219.00
Straight Talk About Autism DVD $79.00
Augmentative Communication
Go Talk Overlay WIN Only $79.00
Picture It WIN/MAC $299.00
PixWriter WIN/MAC $199.00

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Speech and Language

Youth at Risk

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