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A comprehensive collection of Attainment software

Wow! Life skills, math, spelling, language, basic concepts and money skills software on one Windows and Macintosh CD-ROM! Each Attainment program features realistic graphics, human quality speech, easy-to-use interface, and is adjustable to suit a wide range of ability levels.

A Getting Started booklet has you using the software in a matter of minutes. In-depth program documentation is provided for each program on the CD-ROM. The Big Bundle includes the following: Picture Cue Dictionary, Looking for Words, Dollars and Cents, Show Me Math, Show Me Spelling, Basic Attainment, WordWise, and TimeScales.

Requirements & Prices

Win Windows-Windows 95
Mac Macintosh-System 7 or greater
Audio sound card
Single User $599.00
Five User $1,119.00  
Overlay for Intellikey $85.00  

Dollars and Cents Kit

Hands-on version of Dollars and Cents Software

Merge life skill and math instruction. Features realistic money, match to sample money mats, activity cards with calculator, money stickers, reproducible worksheets, illustrated shopping lists and instructor’s guide. The kit has three difficulty levels: First money, spending money and making change. First money teaches equal values: For example, a quarter equals two dimes and a nickel. In spending money students select cash combinations and buy everyday items. With making change, users act like cashiers, taking payments and giving back change.

Dollars and Cents -- DK-10W   $79.00


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