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Engage students in self-exploration of contemporary issues, including drugs and alcohol, violence, sexual orientation and values and social skills.

Students and staff, middle through high school.

Five video-based CDs allow students to self-explore areas of sensitive and contemporary information. Each CD is based on an award-winning video program and includes both a "movie" and a "book" option for users to examine. Working It Out Together is a peer mediation tutorial; Out! features interviews with gay teens; Straight Talk About Drugs features frank testimonials from teen substance abusers; Violent Times talks to teens who were exposed to violence as victims, witnesses or perpetrators; and Values and Social Skills looks at the role of family and neighborhood in affecting self-esteem, morals, values and character. Each is available separately or as a cost-effective series. Win/Mac CDs, CC, 2001.


Requirements & Prices

Win Windows 95/98/NT, Intel II processor, 200 Mhz or better
Mac iMac or Power Mac, 266 Mhz or better
Audio sound card
Price $199.00

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