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Get easy access to Attainment's instructional software with ready-to-go overlays for IntelliKeys. Seven programs are available individually, or as a money saving bundle. Each includes Macintosh software on 3.5" disks, instruction manual and overlay.




Money, Math and Time
First Money $59.00 $10.00
Show Me Math Addition Subtraction $59.00 $10.00
Show Me Math Multiplication Division $59.00 $10.00
Spending Money  $59.00 $10.00
Computers at Work $169.00
Basic Coins $59.00 $10.00
Making Change $59.00 $10.00
Time Scales $99.00 $10.00
Basic Fractions $59.00 $10.00
Match Time $99.00 $10.00
Word Wise $129.00 $10.00
Show Me Spelling $129.00 $10.00
Looking for Words $99.00 $10.00
Survival Signs and Words $69.00
Information Signs and Words $149.00
Grocery Words $298.00
Show Me Words Level I $249.00
Show Me Words Level II $249.00
Ready Set Signs $129.00
Safety Signs Words $149.00
School Signs Words $149.00
Community Signs and Words $149.00
Transportation Signs and Words $149.00
Looking for Words $99.00 $10.00
Life Skills
Grooming for Life $59.00
Picture Cue Bundle $99.00
Personal Success $129.00
Community Success $189.00
Working It Out Together $49.00
Work Skills
Job Search Cirriculum $99.00
Job Web CD $69.00
Social Skills at Work $99.00
Computers at Work $169.00
Job Coaching Strategies $179.00
Disability Awareness
No Body’s Perfect $59.00
Augmentative Communication
Go Talk Overlay $59.00
Picture Cue Bundle $99.00 $10.00
Word Wise $129.00


Access to Attainment Software:

Spending Money for IntelliKeys (SPN-11B) 
Making Change for IntelliKeys (MCN-11B) 
Shopping for IntelliKeys (CDN-01B) 
Plan Your Day for IntelliKeys (CDN-05B) 
WordWise Community for IntelliKeys (WON-02B) 
WordWise Actions for IntelliKeys (WON-05B) 
WordWise Adjectives for IntelliKeys (WON-06B) 

Access to Attainment Software Bundle

includes: all the Attainment software and overlays pictured above

(ATN-11B) $349.00


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