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Eighty authentic indoor and outdoor signs in a large (9" X 12") full-color format. Ideal for individual or group instruction. Signs are double-sided and feature international symbols plus additional graphics to make comprehension easier. An assessment report helps you track student progress. Outdoor signs are found in city streets, parking lots, public places, and construction sites. Indoor signs feature common information and safety symbols found in schools, stores, and workplaces. Includes 40 double-sided cardboard posters.


Requirements & Prices

Outdoor No Swimming;  High Voltage;  RR Crossing;  Bike Route;  Do Not Enter;  Don't Walk;  No Diving;  Hospital Bus;  Stop ; No Parking
Indoor Restroom; No Smoking; Wet Paint; Do Not Touch; Elevator; Flammable; Keep Out; No Pets; Poison; Ask for Key; Close
Price $69.00


Survival Signs CD-ROM

Teach the meaning of commonplace signs

Survival Signs CD-ROM covers 80 indoor and outdoor signs in an easy-to-use multimedia format. The signs feature international symbols and complementary illustrations to clearly present the meaning of each concept. The program provides three segments: Learn, choose and match. In the first segment, students hear the name and meaning of each sign and see its picture. During choose, students select the appropriate sign in response to verbal prompts. The final segment requires the student to match written description to corresponding illustration.


Requirements & Prices

Mac Macintosh, System 7 or greater;
Win Windows 95 or later with sound card
Single User $69.00
Five User $279.00

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