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TouchWindow offers an easy to use, creative alternative to a keyboard. Students simply point to and touch the monitor to make selections, move objects, pull down menus or draw graphics. Attaches to your existing monitor with velcro. Available for Apple II, IBM or Macintosh computers.

Ideal for our WordWise, Picture Cue, Dollars and Cents, and Attainment's Apple II Software.

System Requirements: Works on any 9" to 15" monitor.

TouchWindow for Apple II Series (TW-APPB) $275.00

TouchWindow for Macintosh (TW-MACB) $335.00

TouchWindow for IBM/Compatibles (TW-IBMB) $335.00

Macintosh Requirements:

Apple Desktop Bus Port (any Macintosh except the Mac Plus or Mac 512);
System Software 6.05 or later

IBM Compatible Requirements:

CGA, EGA, or VGA video adapter board;
Serial Port

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