Word Wise CD-ROM

Teach functional literacy with pictures, words and speech

WordWise combines pictures, words, speech and print features to form a comprehensive language enrichment package. A student records her voice and compares it to the computer's for pronunciation training. Create an individual word list to build vocabulary. All 480 illustrations are realistic and appropriate for any age. Program includes an instruction and multiple choice option.

You can easily create a personalized word file for each student, or choose from seven preselected lists: All words, community, house, people, outdoor, actions, and adjectives. Print out custom picture books for each user. Picture printouts can be large, medium or small; color or black and white.

Requirements & Prices

Win Windows 95 or later
Mac Mac system 7 or greater
Audio sound card
Single User $129.00
Five Pack $
Overlay for Intellikey $10.00

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