WiViK 2 REP v 2.5 on-screen keyboard with rate enhancement

WiViK 2 on-screen keyboard with rate enhancement

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WiViK 2 REP description

WiViK 2 REP adds to WiViK the ability to predict words as you are typing and to use and abbreviation-expansion to save time and energy. Word prediction uses built-in dictionaries to predict which word is being typed. Begin typing a word. When it appears in the WiViK keyboard, choose it and WiViK will finish typing it for you. This way, there is no need to type the whole word. With abbreviation-expansion two or three letters can expand into phrases or full sentences. Both features help reduce the number of keystrokes needed for typing and can make writing more productive.

WiViK 2 REP word prediction

Word prediction is a powerful, flexible feature which predicts the completion of words that you begin typing. This reduces the total number of keystrokes and helps with spelling. It uses a frequency-of-use dictionary that adapts to you.

WiViK 2 REP comes with a general word dictionary and a set of three dictionaries designed for different age groups. You can easily create a dictionary that matches your personal writing style by reading in one or more of your own documents. You may view and edit your dictionary at any time.

Predicted words are displayed within a window. Up to ten words can be listed at one time. Words used with greater frequency are displayed at the beginning of the list. With a single keystroke or mouse click, a word can be quickly selected and entered into your document. When you select a predicted word, its frequency is updated in your dictionary. Words that are not in your dictionary are automatically added as you type.

Specific WiViK word prediction features include:

Predicted words are keys within the WiViK keyboard window and selected just as any other key.

Multiple dictionaries are included: four English language dictionaries with vocabulary common to different age groups are included (up to 8 years of age; 912 years old; 1318 years old; and a general dictionary for all ages, including adults). Dictionaries for other languages are included in each language specific version of WiViK.

Custom dictionaries are easily created by importing text files in ANY language.

Adaptive learning of new words is an optional feature that you can turn on or off. When turned on, new words are automatically added to the dictionary as you type

Adaptive learning of word frequency as you type is the basis for the word prediction. More frequently used words are predicted first

When the Smart Punctuation feature is used, a space is automatically added after every predicted word you select from the list. The spacing is automatically adjusted every time you type a punctuation character. When you type a period, question mark, or exclamation mark, the next letter typed is capitalized for you.

WiViK 2 REP abbreviation-expansion

Abbreviation-expansion is a technique in which a combination of characters, an "abbreviation," is used to represent a word, phrase or command sequence. When you type an abbreviation followed by the Spacebar or Enter key, it expands to the assigned word, phrase or command sequence.

You can create your own set of abbreviations that are easy for you to use and remember. For example, you may use hyt as an abbreviation for How are you today? Or you may prefer another combination of letters such as hayt, the first letter of each word.

If you are using word prediction, your abbreviations will be added to your dictionary as you type them. Your abbreviations will then appear as predicted words. This can reduce keystrokes as well as be a helpful memory cue, especially with abbreviations of three or more characters.

Specific WiViK REP abbreviations-expansion features include:

80 abbreviations-expansions may be defined with each expansion in ANY language containing up to 750 characters

Multiple sets of abbreviation-expansions can be customized for different purposes

May be used for automatic spell correction with programs not including that function (e.g., "teh" changes to "the")

WiViK 2 REP Compatibility

WiViK can access any standard Windows 3.1/95/98 application, and most DOS-based applications displayed in a window.

Languages that use Unicode type are not yet supported.