Attainment Talker 24

Images of Attainment Talker 6 and 24 devices

An inexpensive communication alternative!

A slim, lightweight, 24-message talker at a remarkable price. The AT24 provides 10 seconds of recording time for each message. And it sounds great! A clear plastic pocket holds and protects communication cues.

Communicate by pressing the 3/4-inch active area. Hold the AT24 with 2 hands and activate speech with your thumb, or use as a tabletop talker. The nonskid pads keep the talker from sliding. Powered by 2 AA batteries (included).

Purchase the AT24 by itself or with GoTalk Overlay Software





Attainment Talker 24                        Attainment Talker 24 with GoTalk Overlay Software

Item No.   AT-24W                         Item No.    AT-S24W            

Price:        $72.80                           Price:         $125.55