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Digicom 2000
Digicom 2000 Digicom 2000 
Superior Sound Quality
in Any Language
Digicom 2000 Features

EXCELLENT Sound Quality in Any Language
The DigiCom 2000 is manufactured with advanced digital technology that allows you to produce high-quality recordings of a human voice. This technology, combined with the DigiCom 2000's superior audio design, allows message playback in the clearest, most natural-sounding speech available in a communication aid.

Lots of Message Time
The DigiCom 2000 can be purchased with up to 142 minutes of recording time. This means that a user or groups of users can have a wide range of messages - from single words to sentences and paragraphs. With 48 levels divided into six user groups, DigiCom 2000 communicators have greater opportunity for expression.

Higher Sensitivity
The DigiCom 2000 has a highly sensitive touch-panel that guarantees continuous, fully active key areas, with no frustrating "dead spaces." The sensitivity of the panel can be adjusted to accommodate different motor needs. It is also possible to transfer and copy messages and functions from one key to another, without the need to re-record or re-program them.

Your Own Message Library
The DigiCom 2000 also has the ability to save an unlimited number of voice messages by simply copying them to a floppy disk using a DigiCom 2000 Disk Drive.
Thus, a library of special messages can be built for the user to accommodate different situations.

Flexible Programming
The DigiCom 2000 has an exclusive, built-in electronic display that provides step-by-step instructions and guides you through the programming process. It also allows you to review and edit previously programmed sequences at the touch of a button. In addition, messages can be lengthened on any key - without having to re-program the entire level.

Keyboard Layouts
DigiCom 2000 comes with a set of 18 overlays, some pre-printed and some blank. They vary in size from 1 X 2 (2 keys) to 4 X 12 (48 keys). The blank overlays can be copied and customized with any combination of symbols, letters, or handwritten messages.

Quick and Easy Communication
The DigiCom 2000 has several features to assist the user in his or her communication. Individuals who use direct selection are aided with programmable enter, exit, and hold-down times. People who use scanning will find enhanced visual and verbal cues to assist the visual or auditory scanner. Additionally, users can take advantage of sequence prediction to aid in remembering symbol sequences.

Unequaled Value
The DigiCom 2000 has more built-in capabilities and standard accessories (such as 18 different overlays, shoulder strap, wall transformer, and instruction manual) than any other portable, digitized aid. And it's surprisingly affordable too. In fact, when you compare it feature-for-feature, the DigiCom 2000 offers a communication value that's unequaled among digitized devices.


DigiCom 2000 comes with a charger, 18 blank overlays in all key layouts, shoulder strap, and an instruction manual.


Liquid crystal super twist w/2 rows, 16 characters each. Touch Panel: 9.12” x 4.10”

Message Capacities
The DigiCom 2000 comes in 4 recording time amounts – 34 minutes, 70 minutes, 106 minutes, and 142 minutes.

Nickle Metal Hydride, 7.25 V, 10 hours normal operation

Battery Charger
Input 120-V AC, 60Hz 20W; Output - 12V DC 800 mA.


Sound Input Port
- for external microphone
Sound Output Port
- for external speaker
Sound Output Port 2
- for earphones

Two Switch Input Ports
– for standard external switches Joystick Port
– 9-pin din D connector for 4 direction and push button
Serial Port
– for future applications
Disk Drive Port
– for external disk drive

10.75” x 7.50”x1.875”
2.7 pounds

Operating temperature
- 14 to 122 F.


Pricing Info

Digicom 2000 - 34 min.


Digicom 2000 - 70 min.


Digicom 2000 - 106 min.


Digicom 2000 - 142 min.


Disk Drive




Carrying Case



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