Sym Systems, the parent company of The Great Talking Box Company was one of the first companies to manufacture of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) products.   Starting with the SpeechPac, EvalPac, and AllTalk, we have, for over 25 years, have offered solutions for individuals with speech and learning difficulties.  Our speech generating devices, using either text to speech or digitally recorded speech help those with ALS, cerebral palse, stroke, brain injury.   These devices include Easytalk, Digicom 2000 and the eTalk and eTalk-GT  Nearly all of our devices are eligible for medicare, Medicaid, or insurance.   

And now we present our newest device, the eTalk-GT


We call it the GT because, while the case looks the same as the original eTalk, there are subtle difference to accommodate a more powerful microprocessor, an even brighter screen, a USB port to allow attachment of a mouse, keyboard and the Tracker from Madentec a faster, meaner machine!



. Features the Touchspeak Communication System

  • Text to Speech and Recorded Speech - Variety of voices and languages
  • Symbols supplied are Widgit and Imagine
    • Scalable user-definable screen areas - Size, colours, position etc
  • On-screen scalable soft keyboard
    • Sophisticated, comprehensive keyboard designer
    • E.g. Literal, Symbolic, Semantic
    • supplied with standard QWERTY, ABC, 123, EARDU keyboard layouts
  • Sophisticated Word predictiion 
    • Displayed in column or row format Dynamic re-sizing of selected words
    • Colour highlights the beginning of the word predicting sequence
    • Spelling suggestions - word completion
    • 2 dictionairies supplementary or personal
    • Find words where letters are entered in reverse order
    • Colour highlight next probable / possible letter
    • Speak on just the letter, word or complete phrase
  • Message Gallery for repeat use
  • Phrase / Abbreviation 
    • Topic / Vocabulary style structure
    • Full abbreviation expansion
  • Auditory feedback
  • Recency, equency etc
  • Scanning and switch access
  • Import pictures create invisible keys






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