GoTalk Overlay Software

Creating overlays that look great is easy with new GoTalk Overlay Software! Includes over a thousand photos and illustrations from the original version. Newly added is a CD with 3000 Imagine Symbols illustrations that can be imported into the program. You can also paste your own images into any overlay.

Overlay cells can contain an image, text in any language (using Latin alphabet) or both. Multiple editing features let you change color, size, font or text, and move, enlarge, rotate and crop pictures. Templates included for One by Four Talker and the Personal Talker, as well as the new GoTalk4, 9+, and 20+.

Save overlay files and share with other GoTalk users. Print out overlays with any inkjet or laser printer. Printed overlays can be used on their own as communication sheets.

Windows only CD, 2000 or later

Save on multiple copies with the Five GoTalk Overlay Software CDs option.

Item No. GT-07 GoTalk Overlay Software
Item No. GT-57 Five GoTalk Overlay Software CDs



GoTalk Overlay Software Windows Only                        Five Copies GoTalk Overlay Software CDs

Item No.   GT-07W                                                        Item No.    GT-57W

ISBN        1-57861-161-X                                             ISBN         1-57861-161-X                                

Price:        $79.00                                                           Price:       $278.00


GoTalk Overlay Software