ALS, Stroke, MS, Head injury (and related conditions)

I love my Gus! software and I applaud you and your company for contributing so much 
to the quality of life for the disabled.  Sincerely,   D. Dalton (ALS)           
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Dr. Howard Hornstein on "60 Minutes"
using the "Gus! Multimedia Speech System"
Michael Zaslow - actor- on "Larry King Live!"
using the "Gus! Multimedia Speech System"

Computer Access Solutions Gus! Multimedia Speech System package

Environmental Control Units

For over 8 years, Gus Communications has been the leading provider of Windows
based speech  software for people with communication disorders. 
Whenever you see
someone on TV communicating using a computer, they are probably using our software.

Why?  Because our software is designed specifically for the adults with communication and/or
physical disabilities.  It is powerful, full-featured software that is not childish in its function
or appearance.  It has evolved over a period of 8 years of constant refinement and improvement
and we continue to add more features.  We also offer FREE upgrades for life so you don't
have to concern yourself with being "dinged" every year for the cost of an upgrade.

Furthermore, we are always here to answer your questions whether by phone, email or mail.
And this is the area where we excel...technical support.  If you have any questions about your
software, we're here to help. 
Just give us a call...anytime.

Our most popular product for these conditions is the Gus! Multimedia Speech System which
is the industry leader for communication/speech output software. Over the years, it has
become somewhat of a standard for this condition.  It is the same software broadcast nationally
on television, radio and in numerous print publications. 

The Gus! Access Keyboard and Gus! Scanning Cursor are our next most popular titles.
This could be explained by the fact that many users share the need for speech (communication)
but not everyone desires to use their computer for any other purpose.  As such, their computer
used solely as a powerful speech device for communicating.

Gus! Software Bundle Offer
Includes... Communication (speech), Keyboard control and Cursor control!

Price: $1,290  
Includes the Gus MM Speech System, Gus! Access Keyboard and Gus! Scanning Cursor

How does the competition stack up?

There are literally hundreds of people selling (or giving away) software that they claim will
benefit people  with ALS (and others), but without exception, they share the incorrect assumption
that their customers can type on a standard keyboard and use a standard mouse like anyone else.
However, the companies in this industry that are committed to developing useful products know
that customers with communication disorders very often have physical limitations as well.
As such, there are several features that software products being developed for the disabled
community must contain. 

Use the following chart to compare the features of our products versus our competitors,
including Words+ and others.

Feature: Gus Communications, Inc. Words+, Inc.


Package (bundle) price $1,290 $1,395
Product summary Completely software based, includes Microsoft Speech Synthesizer, no hardware to mount Combination of software and proprietary hardware (CommPac pictured below)
1.   Computer access on-screen
      keyboard for keyboard control
Included Included
2.   Speech output for above Included Add: $600
3.   Cursor Control (radar type) Included Included
4.   Cursor Control (cross hair type) Included Not available
5.   Topic/Phrase speech creation Included Included
6.   Talking Word Processor Included Not available
7.   Talking Clipboard utility Included Not available
8.   Talking Calculator Included Not available
9.   Symbol-based (dynamic
      display) speech application
Included Add $1,395
10. Maximum number of pages Unlimited 500
11. Vocabulary size Max. 100,000 words Max. 5,000 words
12. Includes switch/scanning
     ** Note: 
     ** Note:  Extremely important  **
Yes Yes
13. Word Completion
    ** Note: 
Extremely important  **Extremely important  **
Yes Yes
14. Word Prediction
    ** Note: 
Extremely important  **Extremely important  **
Yes Yes
15. Abbreviation Expansion
    ** Note: 
Extremely important  **Extremely important  **
Yes Yes
16. Free upgrades for life Yes Yes
17. Free telephone based
      technical support
Yes Yes
18. Switch interface

To connect a switch to the computer a "switch interface" is required.

Gus! Mouse (included)
mousepic.gif (17921 bytes)


commpac.jpg (7398 bytes)
Attaches to rear of computer
Measures 7" x 4.5" x 1"

(1 pound) Not waterproof

Feedback from the ALS Community

The following are recent  unsolicited comments about our company/products from people with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

"I applaud your efforts and thank you for a fine piece of software and all of your work which
makes computers accessible for those with difficulties." - J. Thomas 

"Mr. Harris.  You are a sweetheart.  I really appreciate what you are doing for my mom.  Again, thank you. 
By the way, you might be interested to know that she had the Dynavox device for a week to try out,
and she liked the "Gus" a lot better.  She said it was easier for her.  Have a great day." 
Becky Tinsley

"Hello, Just a note to wish you and your family a Joyful Holiday Season.  I spend 10 to 12 hours a day
on my computer and when I start it up, the first program I pull up is GUS Easy Talk and it's the last
to shut down."   -  Best regards,  Ray White 

"Hello Gordon.  Its hard to tell you how much your software has meant to me. 
Many thanks and best regards". - Ray White 

"This software is FANTASTIC!"  - D. H.

"Your product is just what I've been looking for!!" - B.B..

"I have heard great things about your program and heard Mr. Zaslow's program" - T.M.

"WOW!   Just installed my Gus software and it is incredibly well done!"  - J.I.

(The following was published in the ALS Digest Newsletter)
"In May, I was in Washington for ALS awareness week. I spoke to various
members of congress about our plight via computer and Gus, my speech
software program. The important point I want to make is that I was present
when Michael Zaslow spoke. My version of Gus (which has even been improved)
was better than Michael's (Link speech device). It's software only, easy to load, easy to
improve pronunciation. I learned to use many extra 'comma's' in my written
text to improve the timing in my speeches or joke telling. And like the
VisionKey people, Gordon Harris, president of Gus Communications, is always
there to help." - Dr. Howard Hornstein

"In January 1996 I learned that the loss of strength I had been
experiencing in my extremities for over two years was caused by ALS
rather than Post-Polio Syndrome. At that time I routinely used a
computer for database management, word processing, desktop publishing,
graphics and multimedia presentations. As the disease progressed my
greatest concern became retaining the ability to communicate.
When I could no longer use a keyboard I began looking for on-screen
keyboard software that would allow me to operate standard programs in a
Windows environment. I wanted to avoid specialized hardware other than
necessary adaptive pointing and switching devices.
Last May I downloaded a free trial of the Gus Communications
Gus! Access Keyboard from the company's web site. This software has been
precisely the product I had hoped to find. The keyboard also functions
as the Windows taskbar allowing the user to start and switch between
multiple programs. My speech is becoming less intelligible and I have
recently purchased speech software (Gus! Multimedia Speech System)
from the same company.
The Gus Communications products are certainly a good option for PALS
interested in computer based assistive technology."   - D. S., Texas
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