Gus! Scanning Cursor   Price: $195 US
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scanwin.gif (4828 bytes) What does it do?
This program is designed for anyone who cannot move
a mouse or press the mouse buttons. Gus! Scanning
moves the cursor for you and provides an interface
to activate the mouse buttons using 1 or 2 switches. If you
don't have a switch, simple use the left mouse button as
your switch. 
If you are not sure what "switch/scanning" is..
Click here

How does it work?

  1. Using a single switch (or left mouse button), select one of the
    Vertical/horizontal ("crosshair") or the a Rotating ("radar") options
    from the second row. You may increase/decrease the speed by pressing PgUp/PgDn.
    The first 2 are "crosshair" options... the second 2 are "radar" options (see below).
  2. Wait until the line is over your target and press the switch (or left mouse button).
    You may increase/decrease the speed by pressing PgUp/PgDn. *Note: the adjustments
    will not be recorded until it rotates 360 degrees*
  3. Wait until the cursor is over your target and press the switch (or left mouse button).
    You may increase/decrease the cursor speed by pressing PgUp/PgDn. With the
    cursor over the target, press the switch again, then select the mouse action from
    the first row of choices.

Left click, Left dbl click, Right click, Move window.

Left Crosshair, Right Crosshair, Radar Left (counter clockwise)
                                   Radar Right (clockwise).

Move cursor NW, Move cursor N, Move cursor NE, Center cursor on screen.

Move cursor W, Pause and enable mouse, Move cursor E,
                                         Hide window and pause (use Activation key to restart).

Move cursor SW, Move cursor S, Move cursor SE, Exit the program

Press PgUp - To increase speed

Press PgDn - To decrease speed

Feature Description

1. Windows 98 (32bit) - Is the program written to Windows 98 - 32 bit specifications
       to be fully compatible with the Windows 95/98 operating system.

2. Movable Window - The cursor control window (box) be moved anywhere on the screen.

3. Auto Window Resizing - The user shrink or expand the window size by   dragging the
        corner of the window, and the contents of the window automatically resize.

4. Auto Scanning Menus - To access menu items (eg. File, Open/Close etc.) the
        Gus! Scanning Cursor automatically begins scanning each item in the menu box as
        soon as it (eg. File) is selected. This feature greatly improves menu selection speed
        because the user does not have to move the cursor to make the next selection.

5. Speeds Adjustments - The user can independently adjust the speed of the following
         with PgUp (faster) and PgDn (slower) ...

  • Control window scanning
  • Radar/crosshair movement
  • Cursor movement .

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