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Braille Blazer Embosser

Braille Blazer Embosser

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Forget any preconceived notions about big, loud or immobile Braille embossers. The 12 lb. Braille Blazer is different! This combination of portability and unique engineering is so advanced, maybe we should have named it the Trailblazer.


When you purchase a Blazer, you actually get two machines in one. First, of course, you get a dependable, carry-along Braille embosser that handles paper up to 8-1/2" wide, in any length. It does an excellent job on regular computer paper, Braille paper, and even on smaller items such as tractor-fed index cards and labels.

Secondly, the Blazer functions well as a speech synthesizer for use with any desktop or portable computer. Just combine your favorite screen access and Braille translation software with the Blazer...and that quick, you've got a very capable speech system

The result? A very capable speech system to see you through almost any workday situation.

The Blazer's built-in synthesized speech keeps the configuration of your embosser a quick and simple process. You can even instruct the Blazer to print "sideways" for spreadsheets and screen dumps.

You'll easily produce crisp, clear Braille graphics using the Blazer and a software program such as ETgraphX. 

Using the Graph-it program, you can produce mathematical graphs, too!

Three Material Weights to Match Your Needs

Select among three embossing modes:

  • Light paper mode gives you quality Braille on standard paper. it's the choice you'll make for lists, proofreading, memos, and other "throwaway" applications. 
  • Regular mode is for Braille paper. 
  • Plastics mode was developed for the production of Braille signs and labels on lightweight polymer materials. 

The Braille Blazer accommodates many sizes of paper and plastics. It is extremely versatile, because we know your needs and applications probably change from day to day.

The economical Braille Blazer may be the only embosser you will ever need. It was built with your budget in mind.

Size: 13-1/2" x 8" x 5" (with lid closed)

Weight: About 12 pounds

Power: Standard household current

Warranty: One year from date of receipt

Service Contract (PMA): Available for $250.00 per year, renewable annually.

Accessories: Print manual; audio cassette tutorial

Major Features: Synthesized speech output; prints on lightweight paper, Braille paper, and plastics from 1" to 8-1/2" wide; prints 15 cps in 6 or 8 dot Braille; prints spreadsheets; extremely lightweight, compact, and portable; carrying case available

BLAZER $1,845.00

BLAZER carrying case $60.00


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