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Everest - The Braille copy machine.

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The Everest is the only high speed (324 PPH) Braille embosser with the function to work with normal cut sheet paper (80-180 gsm) and produce a Braille document ready for binding or mailing. With the competitive price, high speed, high quality and ease of use the Everest is the best choice for homes, schools, the work place and Braille production centers that prefer single sheet printing system.

The Everest is controlled by an ink and Braille labeled front panel. Combined with the speech feedback, it is easy to install and operate for blind and sighted users alike.

Using single sheet cut paper is an easy and effective system for Braille production. With Everest the printed documents are ready for binding immediately after printing. Everest can be used in an efficient way with any paper similar to that used in other single sheet feeding systems. There is no need for hand separation, special cutting equipment for the paper, or even any special paper thus making it a useful alternative to continuous paper systems.

Everest dot quality is one of the best on the market. It has equally formed dots that will last for a long time even if thin “copy paper” is used, and the design reduces the risk of holes or cracked dots. A cracked dot will have a limited life time. Using thinner paper is an important step in reducing costs and saving the global environment.

The noise level of Everest is lower than that of most Braille embossers on the market. Using Everest together with the optional Everest Acoustic Hood reduces the noise to a level below what is normally is acceptable
in offices.

The optimized professional design makes maintenance accessible and easy all around the world.

Speech guided user interface

Blind and sighted users are guided equally by speech feedback, together with the ink and Braille labeled front panel. The speech is available in a number of languages.

400 pages print buffer

The 400 kb text buffer in Everest makes it possible to print large documents without stalling your computer.

Graphic printout

Print Braille graphic images created from any available Braille graphic software.

New model

The new model introduced 1995 includes following design changes; lower noise level (50%), better paper handling, higher printing speed, improved Braille and speech quality.


Speed: Documented printing speed on a test file of 100 pages (42 characters, 25 lines), 324 PPH (95 CPS).

Size: 563 x 175 x 433 mm, (22x7x17")
Net weight 14 kg (25 lbs.)

Printing principal: 13 high quality hardened hammers forming against hardened steel anvils

Text Buffer: 400 kb (app. 400 Braille pages)

Program memory: 516 kb FLASH memory

Paper: Cut paper weight: 90-180 gsm
Dimensions: Width 150-297 mm (6-12") Length 150-350 mm (6-14")

Double sided system: Interpoint distance within cell 2.5 mm
Interline distance within cell 2.2 / 2.5 mm

Dot size: Height 0.45 mm, diameter base 1.6 mm distance within cell 2.5 mm
between cells 6.0 mm, adjustable line distance

Graphic: Dot distance 1.6 / 2.0 / 2.5 mm

Character per line: Interpoint maximum 42 char. per line Interline maximum 48 char. per line

Interface: Centronics & Serial interface

Approved: This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC and the EMC rules

Electrical: Voltage 100-115 220-240 Volt
Power: stand-by 10W, max 130W
Fuse 4.0 A. Slow blow

Braille tables: Maximum 20 selected Braille tables including user definable

Warranty: One year warranty

Index Everest  $4,495.00
Shipping              $150.00

All printers are delivered complete with power cable, Centronics cable, user manual. Support program are delivered on a 3.5" disc.

PPH is the real printing speed in Pages Per Hour.




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