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(Available in the United States only)

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  Our original TranSend has been helping Braille and print readers "connect the dots" (Braille dots, that is) with print text for the last few years. Now with TranSend LT, it's easier than ever to put Braille and print together line by line on the same page.

Braille and print together on a page has long been the dream of parents of blind children, agencies serving blind clients, schools with blind students, Braille transcriptionists, and many others. Since we introduced our original TranSend several years ago, we've been constantly surprised by the new and different projects people created with it--many we'd never even thought of ourselves. However, we kept hearing something else, too: "Make it easier to set up and use!"

We listened, and new TranSend LT has all the power--and more of the original TranSend yet is as easy to use as an ATM machine. As always, the entire TranSend LT system includes a sturdy Epson dot matrix printer and your choice of Romeo RB-25, Romeo 40, ET, Juliet Classic, Juliet PRO, Juliet PRO 60, BookMaker or Braille Express embossers.

New, speedier speech keeps you on track as the voice and screen prompts lead you quickly and clearly through a few simple choices...and let you change your mind without "starting all over" at every step. As few as five keystrokes will have you producing your choice of Braille, large or small print, or a combination of Braille and print. TranSend LT uses simple text files, easily created by virtually all popular word processing programs.

How Easy is TranSend LT? Judge for Yourself!


    Step 1: Prepare text files using your favorite word processor or Braille notetaker.

    Step 2: Plug in your computer or Braille notetaker on the left side of TranSend LT. Plug in the Epson printer and your Braille embosser on right side.

    Parallel and serial ports into TranSend LTPorts from TranSend LT connect to a printer and a Braille embosser, both parallel, as well as to external speakers AND to your computer's speech com port

    Step 3: Power everything up--TranSend LT last. Put paper in the printer or embosser.

    Step 4: Select the kind of document you want to make--Braille, print, or Braille and print in combination--from the TranSend LT's menu. Copy your file from your computer or Braille notetaker. Your document prints or Brailles. TranSend LT already "knows" (using its preset formats) how to produce documents that will fit perfectly on Braille paper. Print/Braille combination documents print first and Braille second--you just move the paper when TranSend LT prompts you.

That's all it takes to create one-of-a-kind menus, memos, reports, syllabi, lessons, children's books, recipes, price lists, and other useful documents--for all the readers you serve.

Prices: TranSend LT Control Unit $1,395. TranSend LT Control Unit & Epson Printer $1,895. TranSend LT Control Unit and the corresponding Epson printer will work with any of our late-model embossers, whether the embosser was purchased for TranSend LT or not. For new users, full TranSend LT systems (following) are generally a better buy because they cost $90.00 LESS than components purchased individually. TranSend LT, Romeo 25 & Epson Printer $4,000. TranSend LT, Romeo Pro 50, & Epson Printer $4,700. TranSend LT, Thomas & Epson Printer $5,100. TranSend LT, Juliet Classic & Epson Printer $5,600. TranSend LT, Juliet Pro & Epson Printer $5,900. TranSend LT, ET & Epson Printer $5,600. TranSend LT, Juliet Pro 60 & Epson Printer $5,900. TranSend LT, BookMaker & Epson Printer $10,800. TranSend LT, Braille Express 100 & Epson Printer $12,800. TranSend LT, Braille Express 150 & Epson Printer $17,800.

Shipping and Handling (Pricing is subject to changes): Amounts following apply to most of the US (Alaska and Hawaii will involve additional shipping). TranSend LT Control Unit Only $35. TranSend LT Control Unit and Epson Printer $70. Additional shipping charges apply for the embosser portion of the TranSend LT system: Romeo 25 and Pro 50 $70; Thomas, ET, all Juliets, and BookMaker $120. BrailleExpress 100 and 150 $160. 

TranSend LT Technical Specifications


    Physical Description (TranSend LT Control Unit Only):

    Width: 12 inches (30.4 cm).
    Length: 9.5 inches (24.1 cm).
    Height: 3.5 inches (8.9 cm).
    Weight: 8 pounds (3.6 kg).
    Case Style: Desktop.
    Controls: Main Power Switch. Configuration Keypad.


    Temperature: Operating: 35 F to 120 F (2 C to 49 C).
    Storage: Minus 4 F to 175 F (-20 C to 80 C).
    Humidity: Operating or Storage 10% to 95% non-condensing.


    Internal Translator: American English only.
    Braille Embosser: Romeo RB-25, Thomas, ET, all Juliets, BookMaker, Braille Express 100, or Braille Express 150.
    Ink Printer(s): Epson dot matrix.


    Input Voltage: 120 Volts AC.
    Wattage: 16 Watts maximum.
    Interfaces: (Input Port 1) Centronics Compatible Parallel. (Input Port 2) Asynchronous Serial, EIA RS-232D.
    (Output Port 1) Centronics Compatible Parallel. (Output Port 2) Centronics Compatible Parallel. (Output Port 3) Speech, 9-pin serial.
    (External Speaker Jack) 8 Ohm, 0.1 Watt maximum.
    Includes standard USA power adapter and parallel interface cables and serial interface cable.


    Our one-year warranty applies to the embosser and control unit. The ink printer has a two-year factory warranty from Epson.


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