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Cicero Text Reader - from scanning to speech


Cicero effectively takes your computer and scanner and turns them into a reading machine for people with a visual impairment. Printed text documents are placed on the scanner and can then be translated into speech, Braille or simply held as a text document which can be adjusted, saved, edited and printed out.


Whether at home or in the work environment, this means that your privacy does not have to be compromised: you can read letters however and whenever you choose without relying on other people. Independence is maintained and working practices remain unaffected.

Easy to use

Cicero starts talking automatically as soon as the page scan is complete. It is fast, accurate, and easy to use and includes context sensitive help. Start and stop speech instantly with a key press, or browse through a document using the cursor keys. Cicero comes with full lifetime technical support by telephone or email.

Large Print and Braille

For those with low vision, Cicero allows you to view your document on screen in large print. You can also choose high contrast colors and select your preferred font.

Cicero also supports refreshable Braille displays, so that you can scan your printed correspondence and read it directly in Braille. Scanned text can also be exported directly to a Braille translation program for the production of embossed Braille documents.

Cicero Text Reader

  • Scans and reads automatically, using Recognita's 32-bit OCR engine
  • Very easy to use! Just one key to scan and read.
  • Choose high contrast colors and large print.
  • Supports a choice of Braille displays and note-takers.
  • Switch languages on the fly.
  • Export scanned text direct to your favorite word processor, Braille translator, or to the Windows clipboard.

Your System

Cicero works with Microsoft Windows Vista and XP and can be installed on laptops and home PCs. The only special equipment needed is a Windows soundcard and a twain compatible scanner. For best results, please check the following recommended system requirements:

Minimum system requirements:


  • Processor - Intel® Core 2 Duo™ 2.1Ghz, or Intel® Pentium™ D Processor 925 3.0Ghz, or Intel® Centrino Duo™ Mobile 1.66, or AMD® Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+, or equivalent or higher.
  • Memory - 1Gb or higher
  • Graphics card - "add in" AGP or PCI Express or PCI card with 256 MB memory or higher.
  • Sound card - "on-board" or "add in".
  • Hard disk - 500 MB of free space, if multiple Text To Speech (TTS) engines are to be installed then more free space will be required
  • Internet connection


  • Processor – Intel P3 750 Mhz or AMD Athlon 750 or higher
  • Memory – 512 MB or higher
  • Graphics card – AGP "add in" card with 8 MB memory or higher (not on board)
  • Sound card – Sound Blaster 1024 or equivalent (not on board)
  • Hard disk – 125 MB of free space
  • Internet connection

For full details of Lunar select this link.




  Cicero Text Reader Single License $395.00
  Cicero Text Reader Additional Single  License $240.00



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