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You don't have to see a computer screen to use the latest IT applications. Hal Screen Reader provides the very best intelligent screen access for visually impaired computer users through speech and Braille.

User friendly

Right from the word go, Hal will talk you through its automatic and user friendly installation. Hal's sophisticated technology makes all kinds of Windows applications, the Internet and e-mail, easy to use. Hal works by recognizing and reading information from the computer screen aloud through your computer's soundcard. Screen information is also displayed in Braille for users of the many supported Braille devices. The information provided is comprehensive: Hal not only reads text but also recognizes Windows dialogs, icons, buttons, menus and controls. Hal comes complete with online and context sensitive help and full manual both in print and on audio CD. Interactive tutorials are also included to make getting started with Windows easy, and Dolphin also offers lifetime technical support by telephone and e-mail

Browse the Internet

With Hal, reading a web page can be as simple as reading a word processor document. Dolphin's Virtual Cursor allows you to browse the Internet without a mouse. Hal announces graphics labels automatically and reads through frames and tables quickly and accurately. The Dolphin Links Navigator makes sorting through links on a complex web page quick and easy. With the Internet Updater, keeping up with Dolphin's latest software updates is as simple as clicking a button.

Reliable and automatic

Dolphin is proud of its reputation for producing well engineered, reliable products. Dolphin software has more built-in intelligence than any other screen access system. This allows Hal to work automatically with most off-the-shelf Window's applications; it can also be configured to work with complex or proprietary applications.

System compatibility

Hal is designed to meet the ever changing needs of today's IT environment. Accordingly, Hal does not alter either the operating system or application software in any way. This means that Hal is stable and reliable, whether installed on a home PC or business network server. It also ensures that your computer and software will remain compatible with that of friends and colleagues, thus keeping your lines of communication wide open.

Network independence

Hal Screen Reader is designed with independent operation in mind. Installed on a network or a server, Hal can be used from any terminal and can be switched on or off as required, giving the user the freedom to move around a building or campus. With many features to choose from, users can save their preferred settings and retrieve them from wherever they choose to log on. Dolphin offers flexible licensing options and discounts for organizations with more than one Hal user.


Hal works on all of the supported Windows platforms.


  • Easy browsing of Internet web pages and other applications with the Dolphin Virtual Cursor even where there is little or no keyboard access.
  • Internet Updater for fast, automatic updates.
  • Comprehensive online and context sensitive help.
  • Intuitive hotkeys for easy operation.
  • Reads or spells out any text on screen: documents, menus, web pages, e-mails.
  • Reads icons and Internet graphics labels and announces font and style information.
  • Talks as you type, by character, by word or both.
  • Read word, line, web page, document or entire Window at a single keypress.
  • Spoken prompts allow easy navigation through Windows menus, dialogs, file systems and other Windows controls.
  • Works with any font, including accented characters and symbols.
  • Choice of two software speech synthesizers: Dolphin Orpheus Speech System and Microsoft's MSAPI Speech synthesizer.
  • Orpheus' intelligent pronunciation recognizes similar words by context.
  • Choice of nine Orpheus voices or create your own using variable speed, pitch and volume.
  • Choice of 9 Orpheus languages including: English (UK and USA), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish (Latin and Castilian) and Swedish . New languages are being added all the time.
  • Automatically recognizes many other hardware and software synthesizers.


  • Fast and responsive Braille output.
  • Text and graphical information at your fingertips.
  • Choose computer or literary Braille (Grade 1 or Grade 2).
  • Works automatically with a wide range of refreshable Braille displays and note takers.
  • Accurate information on formatting, style and physical layout.
  • Intelligently reads ahead so dialog information is conveyed in context.
  • Braille hotkeys, preprogrammed and user-programmable, speed up and facilitate operation.

Hal comes with a print manual, quick reference cards in print and Braille, audio manual and interactive tutorials on CD. Technical support is available by telephone and e-mail

Professional Edition

Simple, comprehensive and flexible configuration is the secret to Hal's Professional edition. It can solve IT accessibility issues for a business's staff and customers quickly and cost-effectively. Business software applications, corporate intranets and databases are often designed without consideration for visually impaired users but the flexibility of Hal Professional means it can be quickly trained to deal with even the most complex applications.

The benefits of Hal Professional are particularly valuable in the workplace. Employees in fast moving IT environments, such as call centers and banks, can set Hal to give them exactly the information they want through speech or Braille. Hal Professional also improves access to web sites, bespoke databases, and to mainframe data and applications through Telnet and terminal emulation software.

Despite the advanced technology involved, configuration is straightforward. This means businesses do not have to pay out vast sums for scripting consultants or computer programmers to write new accessible software. The technology behind Hal Professional may be complex - but as a result, its operation is easy.

Your System

Hal Screen Reader works with Microsoft Windows Vista and XP and can be installed on wide and local area networks, laptops and home PCs. No special equipment is required.

Minimum system requirements:


  • Processor - Intel® Core 2 Duo™ 2.1Ghz, or Intel® Pentium™ D Processor 925 3.0Ghz, or Intel® Centrino Duo™ Mobile 1.66, or AMD® Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+, or equivalent or higher.
  • Memory - 1Gb or higher
  • Graphics card - "add in" AGP or PCI Express or PCI card with 256 MB memory or higher.
  • Sound card - "on-board" or "add in".
  • Hard disk - 500 MB of free space, if multiple Text To Speech (TTS) engines are to be installed then more free space will be required
  • Internet connection


  • Processor – Intel P3 750 Mhz or AMD Athlon 750 or higher
  • Memory – 512 MB or higher
  • Graphics card – AGP "add in" card with 8 MB memory or higher (not on board)
  • Sound card – Sound Blaster 1024 or equivalent (not on board)
  • Hard disk – 125 MB of free space
  • Internet connection

For full details of Hal select this link.

Free demonstration

For a demonstration version of Hal for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP select this link.


  Hal Screen reader Standard Single License $795.00
  Hal Screen reader Standard Additional License $525.00
  Hal Screen reader Upgrade CALL
  Hal Screen reader Professional Single License $1,095.00
  Hal Screen reader Professional Additional License CALL
  Hal Screen reader Upgrade CALL



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