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The organizational tool that gets to the core of the writing process

Draft Builder Acrobat Tutorial file (large file)

Draft:Builder is the organizational tool for students who:
  • Need assistance to manipulate reference materials and take notes
  • Are reluctant, frustrated writers
  • Struggle with handwriting, spelling, comprehension and abstract thinking
  • Need to write within the curriculum and work independently
  • Need to pass writing standards
  • Write with Discover:Switch, Discover:Screen and Discover:Board


Draft Builder

To produce a first draft when writing, students need to gather, organize and synthesize information. This is a complex, multilevel process, and students with disabilities can become disorganized and frustrated. Draft:Builder gives students a framework for organizing thoughts and information so they can develop detailed first drafts that are ready for editing and revising. Developed in partnership with Education Development Center, Inc., a leading educational research and development organization, Draft:Builder helps students with disabilities learn and practice the writing process.


Made for students with disabilities
  • Students organize notes for writing
  • Students learn the writing process
  • Students write in different genres (e.g., narrative, persuasive, compare/contrast)
  • Students create high-quality first drafts

Three Easy Steps to Building a First Draft
Draft:Builder scaffolds the writing process to help students produce authentic writing.

Step 1 - Outlining and Mapping
Students enter main and supporting ideas to build a framework for their writing. This step helps students develop organizational skills.
Speech feedback and spell-checking is available in all views to support students reviewing their work.

Draft:Builder - outline
As students add topics or change their organizational structure, Draft:Builder automatically updates all views.

Step 2 - Taking Notes
Students add notes for topics to expand their outline. Notes never get lost and are easy to move and reorganize. This step helps students clarify and develop their thoughts.

Draft Builder - notes
To help students stay organized, their outline stays in view while they enter notes
As their work develops, students can drag and drop notes to different topics

Step 3 - Building a Draft
Students use Draft:Builder to synthesize the outline and notes into a draft. Students can copy, paste and drag information to reorganize and refine the draft. The result is a logically sequenced first draft that is ready to export to Write:OutLoud or other word processor for creating the final paper.

Draft Builder - draft
For draft writing, students see the notes they wrote for a topic and can drag them to the draft view where they can add punctuation and capitalization or edit wording

Draft:Builder makes writing dynamic.
Draft:Builder always displays two views as students work. Students can drag the divider to expand the view they're most comfortable working in. It's easy to work back and forth between the two views—students drag items from one view to the other. As students work in one view, the other view changes to reflect their work. With both views visible in all steps of the draft-building process, students can see a visual representation of the relationships between ideas as they type.


Get writers off to a successful start
  • Built-in speech and a talking Franklin™ spell checker help students write with correct conventions
  • Teacher-made and standard templates let students write in different genres
  • Bibliography feature helps students use standard research formats when working on research papers
  • Ready-to-go Discover compatibility lets students with disabilities keep up with classroom work


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10-User R85 1SL   $998.30  $99.83
 50-User R85 3SL   $4,470.00  $89.40
100-User R85 4SL   $8,195.00  $81.95
1000-User R85 7SL   $37,250.00  $37.25

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