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Just Point and Touch!

Make computing easier and a lot more fun! The TouchWindow provides a simple, low-cost way to achieve touch access—one of the most direct and natural ways for children to interact with the computer.

This portable touch screen takes advantage of children's natural desire to reach out and touch what they see on the computer screen. They make selections, move objects, pull down menus and draw graphics, all with the touch of a finger!

The TouchWindow is ideal for students who have trouble manipulating the mouse. It is especially effective with preschoolers and early learners, and is also recommended for students with developmental or physical disabilities.

Now the TouchWindow's increased software compatibility lets your students take advantage of even more programs. The TouchWindow for the Macintosh works with all Macintosh software, and the TouchWindow for Windows/DOS works with most Windows and DOS software that uses a mouse. 

System Requirements:

  • TouchWindow works on any 9" to 15" monitor or 17" monitor.

Windows® / DOS®:

  • Unused serial port.

Macintosh and Windows USB:

USB port



   Products Name Products Code Price
requires 4:3 ratio monitor
Windows/Dos (serial) 004-1014 $375.00
USB Universal Mac/Win 004-1051 $375.00
requires 4:3 ratio monitor
Windows/Dos (serial) 004-2099 $450.00
USB Universal Mac/Win 004-1071 $450.00
 TOUCHWINDOW ACCESSORIES Styli(package of 10) 004-1006 $20.00
Protective Overlay Sheeets(package of 10) 004-10055 $29.95
25-9 Pin Serial Adapter for Windows/DOS 004-1016 $14.95


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