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Little Twist Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

The Keyboard Support with standard
height range adjustability!

  • No adjustment actuators for height or tilt.

  • Synchronous Adjustment -- One simple motion adjusts both height and tilt.

  • Raises for use while standing (Palm Support raises up to 9" above surface when angled).

  • Low Profile Arm and Platform (no possible leg obstructions).

  • 12 Height Adjustment (3 up, 9 down).

  • 36 Negative Tilt Adjustment.

  • Positive Tilt Lock-Out (prevents potentially harmful positive platform tilt).

  • 10.5 Long Arm for flexibility in monitor viewing distance.

  • 28, 24 or 20 track lengths.

  • LubriTrack, a special lubricant chemically bonded to track for finger-touch depth adjustment - indefinitely.

  • Operation Booklet and ergonomic guidelines with each unit.

  • Forever Warranty.




Little Twist Ergonomic Keyboard Tray LT-24-0P diagram

Model LT-24-OP $415.00



Little Twist Ergonomic Keyboard Tray LT-24-S diagram

Model LT-24-S $415.00
Little Twist Ergonomic Keyboard Tray LT-24-BMS diagram

Model LT-24-BMS $430.00


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