BioForm Ergonomic Chair

Doctor Recommended. Fits Everyone. 5 seat sizes & 8 different backrests!


Greater Comfort and Productivity.

Affordable Real ergonomics!

Relief from back pain and repetitive sprain injuries.

  • Firm, wide, convex shaped seat with exclusive two-part seat design that is easy to move in.

  • It's been discovered by clinicians, ergonomists and Fortune 500 companies as the most effective RSI prevention available and is the result of over 17 years of clinical research!!


  • Thick, high resiliency cushions.

  • Extra-large, heavy duty 5-leg base.

  • Lifetime warranty!!

BioForm™ with Deep Seat, Wide backrest.

*Only the BioForm™ supports 5 keys to best RSI (Carpal Tunnel) prevention.
*What's the difference between the BioForm™ and the BioComfort™ chairs.

*Disadvantages of other so-called "leading edge" ergonomics.
*Advantages of our products.

RSI-Preventitive backrests.

Repetitive Strain Institute endorsed.

Easily and Totally adjustable.

  • Easy- to-reach control levers.

  • Forward Seat tilt and recline.

  • Backrest angle adjustment.

  • 6" back height adjustment.

  • adjustable armrests.

  • Pneumatic lift.

Most environmentally friendly
Formaldehyde-free seat & back shells. Highest quality CFC-free cushions.
Organic fabrics available, standard.
7 to 20% post-consumer recycled content!


Select a model number and the adjustability you want:
Model No. Product Description Material Yards Carton & Shipping Info Price


BioForm™ NT
no seat angle tilt
Fixed seat at -5.75º back tilt
Back angle adjust. range: 6º forward tilt 15º back tilt
1.5Yd /1 chair 7.00cu.ft. 1/ctn. R.T.A. 25 5/8"x25 5/8"x20"h 35lbs. -UPS/RPS $419.00


BioForm™ ST
with seat and back angle tilt.
Seat angle adjust. range: 5º forward tilt; 6.25º back tilt
Back angle adjust. range: 8º  forward tilt; 13º back tilt
" "
37lbs. -UPS/RPS


BioForm™ R
w/ rocking seat and back angle adj.
Seat angle adjust. range: 6.75º forward tilt; 17º back tilt
Back angle adjust. range: 6º forward tilt; 11.5º back tilt
" "

38lbs. -UPS/RPS



BioForm™ KT
with KneeTilt Rocking Function
Seat angle adjust.range:6.75° forward tilt; 17° back tilt
Back angle adjust. range:6° forward tilt; 11.5° back tilt
" "
41lbs. -UPS/RPS
  Prices are subject to change. Please call for current pricing.
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