Ergonomic Power Furniture with Split Surface

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Ergonomic, and adjustable office furniture makes working a pleasure, or at least more comfortable.  Furniture that power adjusts incorporates a ergonomic design that allows one the freedom, and ease, of movement to live up to their true potential.  Synapse Adaptive offers furniture that overcomes repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, and muscular skeletal disorder, all of which can be caused by a static and uncomfortable workstation.  Those who are challenged by a physical disability will appreciate the adjustable, and ergonomic designs which conform to special needs.  Synapse Adaptive has the ergonomic solutions to a business' workstation technology needs.

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Available Models:


Part # Dimensions

Standard Luminate

List Price

Laminate Post Formed Edge

List Price

VariTask Classic Description:
Driven System:110V, 60Hz, AC motor. 250 pounds of lifting capacity per column. No belt, pulley, or hydraulics. Draw 1.6amps under full load. Travel range:14" vertical adjustment from 26" to 40". DataCenter and adjustable keyboard support extends keyboard range from 20" to 47".Travel time is 24 sec. Models with 30" to 48" travel also available. Work Surface: High pressure laminate with T-mold edge is standard. Add "P" suffix for post-formed laminate ($75 upcharge).   Stationary front surfaces are 29" H. Tilt Angle: Manual front tilt angle is +25 to -5. Power tilt angle is + 15 to -10  on front to rear surface. Range is +10 to -15 . DataCenter and O/S keyboard supports adjust from 6" below to 7" above write-surface and have +9 to -15 tilt. Power tilt has 250 lb. maximum. Manual tilt has 150 lb. load maximum. Rear Slide: Units with rear surface slide option allow for 12" of forward movement. 150lb. load maximum.

VariTask Classic:  Data Center Single power column with keyboard that adjusts from 6" below, to 7" above work surface.

vclass-3 power adjustable ergonomic furniture.gif (1678 bytes) 12730WL 18"Dx30"L (work surf.) 14"Dx30"L (DataCent.) N/A $3,172.00
12736WL 18"Dx36"L (work surf.) 14"Dx36"L (DataCent.) N/A $2,842.00
12742WL 18"Dx42"L (work surf.) 14"Dx42"L (DataCent.) N/A $3,482.00
12748WL 18"Dx48"L (work surf.) 14"Dx48"L (DataCent.) N/A $3,642.00
12760WL 18"Dx60"L (work surf.) 14"Dx60"L (DataCent.) N/A $3,872.00
VariTask Classic Series: Single Column with power height and DataCenter keyboard surface
 x" Corner for y" deep reference tables.
12563WL 42" for 30" N/A $4,014.00
12564WL 45" for 30" N/A $4,103.00
12565WL 48" for 30" N/A $4,194.00
VariTask Classic Series: Corner Dual Column with power height. Optional rear slide. Corner unit, dual surface
42300L 42"x30" top N/A $ 5,704.00
42302L 42"x30" top
(with rear slide)
N/A $6,076.00
45300L 45"x30" top N/A $5,789.00
45302L 45"x30" top
(with rear slide)
N/A $6,169.00
47300L 48"x30" top N/A $5,881.00
47302L 48"x30" top
(with rear slide)
N/A $6,257.00

VariTask E-Series Description:
Driven System:
110V, 60Hz, AC motor. 150 pounds capacity. Draws 1.6 amps under full load. Travel range:14" vertical adjustment from 26" to 40". Full travel time is 18 seconds. Models with 18" travel also available. Keyboard Surface: Standard adjustable keyboard adjusts from 4" below to 1" above monitor surface. Both have +9 to -15 tilt. Work Surface: Add "L" suffix for high pressure laminate ($75 upcharge).  DataCenter Surface: 12"D x 27"W(minimum) for rectangular configurations.

VariTask E-Series:  Rectangular, with Full Width keyboard cut-out

v-Eseries-3 power adjustable ergonomic furniture.gif (1772 bytes) 605W 30"x36"
(with datacenter)
$2,231.00 $2,321.00
82842W 30"x42"
(with datacenter)
$2,280.00 $2,371.00
615W 30"x48"
(with datacenter)
$2,345.00 $2,437.00

VariTask E-Series:  Hexagonal Corner Unit

v-Eseries-5 power adjustable ergonomic furniture.gif (1701 bytes)
85942W 42"x24" $2,445.00 $2,535.00
650W 42"x30" $2,457.00 $2,549.00
670W 48"x30" $2,639.00 $2,729.00

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