Power Adjustable Ergonomic Furniture

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Ergonomic, and adjustable office furniture makes working a pleasure, or at least more comfortable.  Furniture that power adjusts incorporates a ergonomic design that allows one the freedom, and ease, of movement to live up to their true potential.  Synapse Adaptive offers furniture that overcomes repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, and muscular skeletal disorder, all of which can be caused by a static and uncomfortable workstation.  Those who are challenged by a physical disability will appreciate the adjustable, and ergonomic designs which conform to special needs.  Synapse Adaptive has the ergonomic solutions to a business' workstation technology needs.

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Single Surface Split Surface

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Dual Column

Triple Column

Dual-column units adjust worksurfaces independently.


Total lifting capacity of 250 lbs. per column.


Accommodates both sitting and standing positions.


Travel ranges of 14" and 18". 


Monitor surface adjusts from 26" to  40", or 30" to 48".


DataCenter models offer keyboard surface adjustment from 6" below to 7" above monitor surface.


Optional tilt and rear surface slide available on some models.


Simple electrical adjustment draws only 1.5 amps.


Heavy-duty welded steel base.

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