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Focus Refreshable Braille Displays
Featuring rapid navigation through the entire Windows® environment. Users can choose among three Focus models, the 44, 70 and 84-cell versions depending on the user's specific workstation requirements. Used with the JAWS® for Windows and other screen readers, the refreshable Braille cells act as a tactile monitor that allow users to navigate and read information in dynamic Braille. Sleek, portable and adjustable, Focus provides unparalleled accuracy, navigation and customization.

Focus Refeshable Braille Displays    

Navigate unidirectional advance bars and Whiz Wheels. Rapid Reading mode configures the display to 20 cells for faster reading with minimal hand movement. The display’s buttons are individually configurable, allowing the user to set up hot keys for individual applications. Navigation controls are on the display; users can navigate without needing to reach for the computer’s keyboard.

A serial connection may be used for the Windows Professional environment.
Two USB ports; connect to the right or left side of the unit.
Ergonomically designed to be positioned close to the keyboard.
Angle adjustable keyboard/laptop accessory for comfort.
Two audio inputs and one audio output for simultaneous connection to both the computer and a telephone.
VariBraille permits the user to adjust Braille dots for intensity.
Lightweight, attractive aluminum casing.
30-month warranty against manufacturing defects from date of receipt.

Focus Series Pricing:

Focus 44 with leather carry case and adjustable keyboard/laptop accessory $5,495.00
Focus 44 one-year Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA)


Focus 70 with leather carry case and adjustable keyboard/laptop accessory


Focus 70 one-year Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA)


Focus 84 with adjustable keyboard/laptop accessory


Focus 84 one-year Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA)



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