Sorry this product has been discontinued. The manufacturer is no longer returning our phone calls so all we can assume is that they are no longer in business.

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JawBone Product Description

Many users of the JAWS screen reading software (from Freedom Scientific/Henter Joyce) would like to benefit from the advantages provided by L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking Systems continuous speech voice recognition software. It has been our experience that these two software systems may create conflicts that prevent their simultaneous use, and can present other difficulties in the areas of training and maintenance of voice files.

JawBone is a specialized interface program that enables the coordinated use of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional  and JAWS for Windows. The JawBone interface (middleware) provides the necessary code for interoperability of these two dynamic technologies.

The product includes a lexicon of new commands that make operating the PC by voice -whether to excercise commands or generate text- easier for the visually impaired or dyslexic user. In addition, it includes specific commands for NaturallySpeaking , Microsoft Word , Notepad, WordPad, Outlook and Internet Explorer- along with documentation (both print and .txt to audio) to assist the user in developing basic capabilities with this technology.

JawBone Interface Functional Information:

  1. By rewriting a series of keystroke commands in both underlying programs, and renaming several graphics labels, JawBone eliminates possible intra-system conflicts that can cause a computer to "crash" or "freeze" when attempting to use JAWS for Windows and Dragon NaturallySpeaking simultaneously (basic interoperability).

  2. By automating the General Training, Correction Windows, and other utilities within NaturallySpeaking, and providing immediate auditory feedback as words are spoken to the computer, the vision impaired computer user can gain true independence in utilizing voice recognition to operate the PC and create text based documents.

  3. By creating a library/lexicon of new voice commands the ease-of-use of computers is greatly increased; in addition, programs like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook are made much more accessible and user-friendly with a range of new voice commands.

With these two programs working together, this dynamic interface can provide a computer system that can be used by individuals with varying disabilities. Both programs can be configured to manipulate most text based applications...which can improve both computing possibilities and user independence.

JawBone pricing includes initial phone/email installation support; and additional support units may be purchased separately (either as bundled units in advance, or at the time of need).

Minimum System Requirements

 Intel Pentium III 450 MHz processor with a minimum 128 MB RAM.

Preferred System Specifications

 Intel PIII 600 MHz+ class processor with 256+ MB RAM PC133 RAM.

The system must have a voice compatible full duplex sound card, and Jaws compliant video card.

JawBone operates on Windows 95/98/Millennium and Windows NT/2000.

Shop all at once

Synapse is a Premier Partner of Dragon Systems, and an exclusive marketing and distribution agent for JawBone and Jaws.

JawBone pricing

Sorry this product has been discontinued. The manufacturer is no longer returning our phone calls so all we can assume is that they are no longer in business.

JawBone single user copy $590.00
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional   $595.00

*UK and Australian English editions available.
*Site licensing is also available.
Call 1-800-317-9611 for more information.

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