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Access to today's popular applications for blind and visually impaired individuals.

JAWS (Job Access With Speech) provides speech technology that works with your Windows 95/98/Me/XP Home  operating system to provide access to today's popular software applications and the Internet. JAWS uses an integrated voice synthesizer and your computer's sound card to output the content of your computer screen to speakers. JAWS also outputs to refreshable Braille displays. This technology provides access to a wide variety of information, education, and job related applications.

Your computer will talk immediately during the user-friendly talking installation. JAWS installs an enhanced, multi-lingual software speech synthesizer, "Eloquence for JFW" that works with today's standard sound cards.

JAWS supports popular applications such as e-mail programs, word processors, spreadsheets, web browsers, project management and research tools, contact management software, presentation software, web development tools, software development tools, database management software, sound editing software, and much more.

JAWS for Windows supports all standard Windows applications, however we have developed enhanced functionality for the most popular applications used at home, in school, and in business today. We are constantly expanding JAWS for Windows application specific support. For a complete list of new application support in version 5.x, please follow the link "New Features in JAWS 5.x".

When using Internet Explorer, included on the program CD, JAWS allows you to read complex web pages as if they were a word processing document. Additionally, JAWS has special Internet features such as links lists, frames lists, forms mode and reading HTML tables.

Some more key features of JAWS are: a fully developed help facility available by a few short keystrokes, true 32-bit application power and sophistication, support for Sun Microsystems's Java Access Bridge, output to popular refreshable Braille displays in computer or Grade 2 Braille, and offers extensive support and interoperability with our MAGic Screen Magnification software.

JAWS is easily customized to your preference and needs. Adjustments can be made to voices through setting the person, pitch, rate, and typing echo. Verbosity settings can me made to specify how much screen information is actually heard. Specifications can be made to the dictionary utility, defining exactly how certain words are spoken.

JAWS is the most powerful screen reader equipped with it's own scripting language, allowing for extensive customization to make it work with non-standard Windows applications and proprietary software programs.

JAWS for Windows comes with a Basic Training Tutorial on cassette tape to get you started. The tutorial includes over seven hours of step-by-step instructions to introduce you to using Windows with JAWS on your computer. These tapes are designed to offer orientation to the Windows environment, information on how to work in typical Windows applications, and how to set up your JAWS preferences.

JAWS for Windows is supplied with:

One Program CD-ROM, printed Quick Start Guide, printed Quick Reference Keystroke Cards, a Brailled Quick Reference Guide, and the Basic Training Cassette Tutorial tapes.

JAWS 5.x NEW Features

Choose the link below to view a page listing the new features of JAWS for Windows 5.x

Jaws for NT/2000/XP Pro

What's NEW in 5.x !

New Braille Viewer!

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