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Organize idea creatively and confidentially
Kidspiration™ uses the proven principles of visual learning to help young readers and writers as they learn to develop and organize their ideas, creatively and confidently.

Picture view provides a no-barrier way for kids to represent ideas using symbols. A library of over 1,200 student-friendly symbols inspires kids to explore, think and create! They'll also love working with the SuperGrouper™ tool — an interactive way to group and arrange thoughts and symbols.

Writing view, which integrates with Picture view, helps students connect their visual thoughts to words. From the thought webs and maps they create in Picture view, students can expand their ideas into written expression. It's the natural, intuitive way to help emerging readers learn to plan and organize for writing.

Audio gives students the chance to hear their work read aloud or record their own words. All menus, buttons and other text are audio supported as well, helping children read and navigate.

With our colorful and intuitive toolbars, kids will be able to use Kidspiration on their own almost immediately. And, our easy-to-follow navigation allows kids to express themselves freely


Over 45 built-in student activities help you start integrating Kidspiration into the classroom immediately, while activities in reading, writing, science and social studies support cross-curricular exploration. And, our smart Activity Wizard makes it easy to create and modify activities to match your lesson plans. For more lesson plan ideas, check out our Kidspiration Activity Book.



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