Keyguards for IntelliKeys 

Keyguards can make a tremendous difference for students with disabilities. Made of durable plastic they snap or lock on top of an overlay and provide spatial separation for each key. They prevent unintentional keystrokes and allow students to make more accurate choices. 

Two types of keyguards are available:

1) Keyguards for Standard Overlays KG-Overlay-1.jpg (14611 bytes)

Clear acrylic keyguards are available for each of the standard overlays. Slip in your overlay then snap the appropriate keyguard onto your IntelliKeys. Its special locking design will keep it in place. 

Alphabet KG-AL $50.00
Arrows KG-AR $50.00
Numbers KG-NU $50.00
Basic Writing KG-BW $50.00
Apple QWERTY KG-AQ $50.00
Set of Six KG-BND $250.00
2) Keyguards for Custom Overlays KG-snap-1.jpg (18099 bytes)

These lightweight, plastic keyguards were designed for use with your own custom overlays. Nine layouts are available – each with a different number of keys. Just snap these onto your custom overlays. (Overlay Maker® is required to create custom overlays). 

New!:  96-hole custom keyguard in clear plastic

Set #1 (four keyguards with 2,3,4, and 6 holes) KG-SNP1 $125.00
Set #2 (four keyguards with 9, 12, 15 and  20 holes) KG-SNP2 $125.00
Custom Keyguard with 96-Hole KG-96H $50.00
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