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Overlay Maker

Design and print overlays for IntelliKeys

Create custom overlays for use with IntelliTalk, IntelliPics, or ClickIt! to facilitate access to curriculum content. OM-Girl-1.jpg (39437 bytes)

Match the Keyboard to the Child
Overlays can be as simple as one key or as complex as 120 keys. Keys can be pictures, text, or a combination of both. When used with IntelliTalk, keys can be programmed to speak and read back words, phrases, or sentences. When used with IntelliPics, keys can launch a series of multi-media images complete with captions, animation, and recorded sound. 

To create your overlay...

Screen shot of Overlay Maker Design it!
Create keys of any size and location.  Once you've designed your overlay, decide what each key will do by typing in simple keystroke commands.  Then name and save your overlay.
Print it!
Print your overlay using a color or black and white printer with legal size paper.
image of printing and overlay

Use it! - Select the Send Overlay command to send your overlay file to IntelliKeys.  Now you're ready to use your overlay with any program that responds to keyboard input.


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Multi-User   CALL

*Five Pac five complete packages

*Multi-User Pricing applies to purchases of 25 of more copies.

System Requirement(pdf)

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