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Product Information 

Inspired by dialog with users, the Access Pac facilitates computer access and provides endless multi-sensory learning solutions for people with physical, cognitive, and visual disabilities. Use each separately or in combination to bring a new dimension in teaching and learning into your classroom. 


  Experience the true power of the Creativity Tools
with the IntelliTools Access Pac
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  ik-logo.gif (1605 bytes) Access Learning!
IntelliKeys is the intelligent alternative keyboard with switch access. Plug it into your Macintosh or Windows computer to provide physical, visual, and cognitive access for students with a wide range or disabilities. 

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  om-logo2.gif (2260 bytes) Customize Keyboards with Overlay Maker
Overlay Maker designs and prints overlays for IntelliKeys. Use letters, words, pictures, or mouse actions as part of your overlay design.

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  ci-logo2.gif (1525 bytes) Make It Scan with ClickIt!
ClickIt! is the handy utility that makes "point-and-click" software accessible in minutes. Add scanning to an existing piece of software for switch or IntelliKeys users. 

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 Access Bundles

Three ways to increase the power of IntelliKeys
and SAVE!

The true power of IntelliKeys is unleashed in combination with Overlay Maker and ClickIt!. The Access Bundles are a convenient and economical way to purchase IntelliKeys along with the tools you need to make your curriculum fully accessible to students with disabilities.



Access Bundle #1: IntelliKeys, Overlay Maker
                                     & ClickIt!

With IntelliKeys USB           AE-BND1-USB                       $560
        Five Pac*                    FP-AE-BND1                        $2520

With IntelliKeys Classic
 & Apple ADB cable           AE-BND1-ADB                        $560
        Five Pac                    FP-AE-BND1-ADB                 $2520

With IntelliKeys Classic
& AT cable                         AE-BND1-AT                          $560
        Five Pac                    FP-AE-BND1-AT                   $2520

With IntelliKeys Classic
& PS cable                        AE-BND1-PS                          $560
        Five Pac                    FP-AE-BND1-PS                   $2520 

Access Bundle #2: IntelliKeys & Overlay Maker
With IntelliKeys USB          AE-BND2-USB                     $470
        Five5 Pac                   FP-AE-BND2-USB               $2200

With IntelliKeys Classic
& Apple ADB cable            AE-BND2-ADB                      $470
        Five Pac                    FP-AE-BND2-ADB               $2200

With IntelliKeys Classic
& AT cable                         AE-BND2-AT                        $470
        Five Pac                    FP-AE-BND2-AT                  $2200

With IntelliKeys Classic
& PS cable                        AE-BND2-PS                         $470
        Five Pac                    FP-AE-BND2-PS                  $2200 

Access Bundle #3: Overlay Maker  & ClickIt!

Single                                AE-BND3                            $179.95
Five Pac*                           FP-AE-BND3                       $720.00

*Five Pac - 5 complete bundles



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