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student and teacher using a custom overlay on IntelliKeys to provide alternative access to a computer


Open a New World of Functionality
If you use IntelliKeys, you'll love the newly upgraded Overlay Maker 3 and its ability to transform IntelliKeys into a customized keyboard tool and communication device. With Overlay Maker 3 you can create an overlay to personalize a keyboard for individual preferences, such as size or color of keys. Or you can program keys for specific functionality, such as shortcuts to applications, email, or the Internet.

Create Overlays for Student Activities
You can create custom overlays for any activity made with IntelliTools Classroom Suite and its tools, IntelliPics Studio 3, IntelliMathics 3, and IntelliTalk 3. These programs will create the keys for your overlays, which you can edit and print with Overlay Maker 3. For the first time, your students will have a bridge to curriculum activities with built-in answer-tracking and reporting of their performance.

Customize Overlays for Individual Students
Once you've created an activity, it's easy to make several versions of the overlay to meet the needs of different children. You can add or delete keys, or view as pictures, pictures and text, or text alone. Overlays can be as simple as a single key or as complex as 120 keys. Keys can perform basic actions such as inserting text or graphics into a document. They can also perform complex actions such as launching a series of multimedia images complete with animation and recorded sound.

Access Most Software or the Internet
Use Overlay Maker 3 to create overlays to access software programs that use keyboard commands. Use it, for example, with outlining programs such as Inspiration® or to design overlays to launch email or access your favorite Web sites.

New Features with Overlay Maker 3

• Easier to Use
New overlay templates make authoring quicker and easier. Plus, users can insert common image files directly into keys-including JPEG, GIF, PICT, and WMF files, make transparent keys, apply background pictures, define switch content by selecting one of 15 presets, and flip and rotate pictures on keys.

• Mac OS X Compatible, Fully Cross Platform
Now a native Mac OS X application, Overlay Maker 3 is also cross platform, meaning the same file can be opened and used in both Windows and Macintosh environments (no converter needed).

• Tighter Integration with IntelliTools Classroom Suite
Now when using the Make Overlay function, users can preview sample layouts and select specific keys to include in the overlay, speeding the process for making overlays for activities. Users also have more flexibility in repositioning keys and working with keyguards, simplifying overlay creation.

• Templates for Making Off–Computer Activities, Games
For teachers who create off-computer activities such as calendars, newsletters, game boards, cut-and-fold dice/cubes, dot-to-dot games, flash cards, word puzzles, and more, Overlay Maker 3 provides templates users can easily customize.

• Easier to Navigate
Both Macintosh and Windows users now have an easy way to navigate and organize their custom overlays, including the easy creation of folders and subfolders, with customizable icons and notes.

• New Overlay Maker 3 Instant Activity Kits
These easy-to-use kits incorporate scaffolded writing and math curriculum activities with overlays, IntelliTools Classroom Suite activities, templates for customizing, and tutorials.

• Auto Access to Boardmaker™ Symbols
Overlay Maker 3 now offers direct and seamless access to Boardmaker symbol libraries that are previously installed, meaning the user will no longer need to have both applications open or to copy and paste.

• Link IntelliTools Classroom Suite and DynaVox 4
Users of Overlay Maker 3 and IntelliTools Classroom Suite can now create an overlay for IntelliTools Classroom Suite and send it to the DynaVox 4, providing DynaVox users with access to IntelliTools Classroom activities. This exciting IntelliTool product combination provides a unique gateway to curriculum in the general education classroom for augmentative and alternative communication device users.

To Create Your Overlay

Screen shot of Overlay Maker Design it!
Create keys of any size and location.  Once you've designed your overlay, decide what each key will do by typing in simple keystroke commands.  Then name and save your overlay. 
Print it!
Print your overlay using a color or black and white printer with legal size paper. 
printing an overlay

Use it! - Select the Send Overlay command to send your overlay file to IntelliKeys.  Now you're ready to use your overlay with any program that responds to keyboard input.

System Requirements
Windows System Requirements
Operating System: Win 98SE, ME, 2000, XP (excludes XP 64 bit Edition), Vista (excludes Vista 64 bit Edition)
Minimum RAM: Win 98SE and ME - 64 MB RAM; Win 2000, Win XP and Win Vista - 128 MB RAM
HD Space Required: 130 MB Hard Drive space (160MB additional if IntelliTools Classroom not already installed)
Minimum Processor: Pentium 233MHZ
Minimum Display: 16 bit hi colors 640x480
CD-ROM: Required
Sound Card: No
IntelliKeys Required: Yes
Mouse Accessible: Yes
Switch Accessible: NA
Runs from CD: No

Macintosh System System Requirements
Operating System: OS 8.6, 9.x, 10.1 or higher
Minimum RAM: 32 MB available RAM
HD Space Required: 130 MB Hard Drive space (160MB additional if IntelliTools Classroom not already installed)
Minimum Computer: iMac/G3 333MHz
Minimum Display: thousands colors 800x600
CD-ROM: Required
Sound Card: No
IntelliKeys Required: Yes
Mouse Accessible: Yes
Switch Accessible: NA
Runs from CD: No

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Overlay Maker 3 Pricing Information
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Item Number
Single User $139.95 OM3-MW
5 Pack $560.00 FP-OM3-MW


Special Access Bundle
An Access Bundle is a convenient and economical way to purchase IntelliKeys USB and Overlay Maker 3!

Access Bundle Pricing Information
License Type Price   Item Number

Access Bundle No. 4

(Includes IntelliKeys USB and Overlay Maker 3)

$510.00 W139651

Access Bundle No. 4 Five Pack

(Includes IntelliKeys USB and Overlay Maker 3)

$2,380.00 W141823

Access Bundle No. 5

(Includes IntelliKeys USB, Overlay Maker 3, IntelliTools Classroom Suite v.4, and Access Supplement)

$845.00 W166481

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