SwitchIt Software Suite

Just plug your switch into IntelliKeys and enjoy these colorful, animated programs. 

These ready-to-use software programs are especially designed to motivate students to use a switch. Programs follow a development sequence from simple cause-and-effect to concept building, problem solving in a game-like environment, to introducing basic math skills.

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The SwitchIt Suite

Four developmental programs to motivate switch users

The SwitchIt! Suite is a collection of four software programs that follow a developmental learning sequence.  Switch photo.jpg (29357 bytes)

Beginning with cause and effect, students move on to turn taking, concept building, and scanning. Programs are accessible with a switch, a mouse, and IntelliKeys. Each includes an Options Menu that allows you to determine such variables as the complexity of activity, the type of reward, switch delays, and scanning speed. Settings for individual children can be saved and used again. The programs in the SwitchIt! Suite are an ideal way to get a child started using a switch while reinforcing basic skills. Suggested for students in the primary grades. 

The SwitchIt! Suite includes:

SwitchIt! Pictures
Children build easily identifiable objects, click by click. 
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SS-Patterns-1.jpg (11289 bytes) SwitchIt! Patterns
Children build bold geometric patterns with the click of a switch.
SwitchIt! Scenes
Pairs of children take turns building a familiar scene.
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SS-Opposites-1.jpg (17615 bytes) SwitchIt! Opposites
Children are introduced to the concepts of big and little, up and down, hot and cold, andopen and closed.

Developed by Inclusive Technology, UK and distributed exclusively in the US by IntelliTools.


SwitchIt Suite Mac/Win CD-ROM
  Price Buy Online
Single Copy $200.00
Five Pac $600.00

*Five Pac includes five complete packages 

Further discounts are available for orders of 100 or more. Call for pricing. 

System Requirement(pdf)

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