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NatLink Copyright

Last Modified: October 14, 2000

(Editor's Note: I revised the licensing agreement in June of 2000. I now ask that anyone who distributes NatLink to 3rd parties also agree to the licensing terms for the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Developer Suite as explained below. I also changed the name Dragon Systems to Lernout & Hauspie.)

My long-term aim is to provide the same copyright and distribution rights for this software as Python itself uses. However, until I update NatLink to use published interfaces, I am forced to restrict distribution of the some of the NatLink source code (specifically the files NatlinkSource\speech.h and NatlinkSource\dspeech.h) and ask people who redistribute NatLink to abide by the licensing agreement for the L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking Developer Suite.

The term "this software" refers only to the NatLink subsystem including source and object code as available from this web site.

NatLink Copyright

Copyright 1999 by Joel Gould. Portions Copyright 1999 by Lernout & Hauspie.

All Rights Reserved.

Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software (except for the NatLink source files noted below) and documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided (1) that the above copyright notice appear in all copies and that both the copyright notice and this permission notice appear in supporting documentation, and that (2) the name Joel Gould not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of the software without specific, written permission, and (3) that all parties who redistribute NatLink also agree to the terms of the L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking Developer Suite licensing agreement.

The following files are NOT covered by the previous previous paragraph: NatlinkSource\speech.h and NatlinkSource\dspeech.h. These two files may not be redistributed although they can be freely downloaded from this site and used on one machine.

The L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking Developer Suite is available by downloading the Developer Suite from the Dragon Systems website. On October 14, 2000 the Developer Suite could be downloaded from here, but that link may change over time.

This software is currently available from Joel Gould free of charge from If that URL does work, then this software may be available through the Gould Home web site at

Joel Gould disclaim all warranties with regard to this software, including all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness, in no event shall Joel Gould be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from the loss of use, data or profits whether in an action of contract, negligence or tortious action, arising out of connection with the use or performance of this software.

Possession of this software does NOT grant the possessor any license to L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking or any other Lernout & Hauspie product, except where license to L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking or any other Lernout & Hauspie products is purchased or otherwise obtained separately.

This copyright only applies to the NatLink subsystem including source and object code as available from this web site and not to L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking or any other Lernout & Hauspie product.

This software is not available from Lernout & Hauspie (Dragon Systems), nor is Lernout & Hauspie formally associated with this software in any way.

Support for NatLink

Neither Joel Gould nor Dragon Systems provide any support for this software. Users of this software agree not to contact Dragon System with any questions or issues related to the use of this software.

Questions and/or feedback can be e-mailed to Joel Gould but no response is guaranteed.

Commonly Asked Question

Q: Is NatLink free?

A: Yes, NatLink is free. Python is also free. You do, however, have to pay for L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Q: What if I want to share or sell my NatLink macros with others?

A: No problem. Any NatLink macros you write are yours to share or sell as you want.

Q: But if I share or sell my macros, don't my customers need a copy of NatLink?

A: Yes. Your customers can freely download NatLink themselves from this website. Or you can retistribute the necessary components of NatLink with your macros. However, if you redistribute NatLink yourself two additional conditions apply: (1) you can not redistribute the files NatlinkSource\speech.h and NatlinkSource\dspeech.h and (2) you must agree to the terms of the L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking Developer Suite licence.

Q: Why can I not redistribute those two files?

A: Because the copyright on those two files is more restricted. Speech.h, for example, is a modified version of the Microsoft SAPI 4.0 header file.

Q: Why do I have to agree to the terms of the L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking Developer Suite licence?

A: For two reasons. First, NatLink may in the future depend on the Developer Suite which would require you to also redistribute components from the Developer Suite with your macros. In that event, you would have had to agree to the terms of the Developer Suite anyway. The second reason is that it keeps Dragon Systems happy. By agreeing to the terms of the L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking Developer Suite licence you satisfy any concerns that Dragon Systems or Lernout & Hauspie management might raise relative to the use of technology in NatLink.

Q: But when I went to the Dragon Systems website in October of 2000, they wanted me to pay $9 just to download the Developer Suite when all I wanted was its license.

A: I don't know what is going on here. The Developer Suite used to be free. Because the download now costs $9, I have decided to put off my modifications to NatLink which would require the Developer Suite. After all, I want to keep NatLink free. But if you really want to redistribute NatLink (especially if you are selling your derivative work) then the $9 shouldn't really be such a hardship.

Q: Can I really sell macros I create using NatLink?

A: If you really want to sell macros created with NatLink then I will not stop you. You will, of course, have to include the copyright notice above which includes details of how your customers can get NatLink for free so your macros should really be worth it. Also, I would like to strongly encourage you to make your work available for free unless it is really your sole support.

Q: Does NatLink really allow someone to write macros for the Preferred Edition, without paying the extra money for the Professional Edition?

A: Yes, NatLink does work with all editions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It will allow you to write macros without paying for the more expensive Profession Edition. However, writing macros in NatLink is much harder than writing macros using the Professional Edition. And there are other good reaons to by the Professional Edition than just macro support.

This web page ( was last modified on October 14, 2000. The contents of this page are (c) Copyright 1998-1999 by Joel Gould. All Rights Reserved. See Copyright Information for more details.

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