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NatLink Versions

Last Modified: February 24, 2001

This page lists the changes made in each version of natlink. The latest version is listed first. Download NatLink by clicking the filename after the version number.

Version 007 - February 24, 2001 (Click to download)
  • Added support for Python 2.0. To support Python 2.0, I have created two versions of every extension module (one for Python 1.5.2 and one for Python 2.0). EnableNL will automatically rename the appropiate version for your installation. See Natlink Installation for more details about how this works.
  • I fixed a bug in which nested RecognitionMimic operations would cause NatLink to get confused.
  • I added some better error reporting in the NatLink selftest suite.
Version 006 - October 14, 2000 (Click to download)
  • Updated EnableNL program to detect Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 5 editions (including all the retail version as well as the Professional Edition). This replaces a temporary patch to EnableNL.exe which I posted on this site in early October.
  • Added new sample programs: and (these were developed for the Voice Coders talk but not included in Version 005 because they were not ready in time).
Version 005 - April 25, 2000 (

This is a major update, posted in advance of my talk to the Voice Coders group in June of 2000. The following list of changes may not be complete. The purpose of this update was to add features necessary to use NatLink and Python to replace the Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation subsystem.

  • added GramObj. setSelectText,getSelectText
  • added ResObj. getSelectInfo
  • added setTrayIcon
  • added getWordInfo, getWordProns
  • addWord now supports pronunciations
  • added deleteWord, addWord and setWordInfo

  • reformated to move documentation to the beginning of the classes
  • added DictGramBase and SelectGramBase and split common functions into shared internal GramClassBase in
Version 004 - November 9, 1999 (

This is a major update, posted in advance of my talk to the Boston User's Group on the evening of November 9th. The following list of changes may not be complete.

  • Added new class called DictObj which encapulates a Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation object. This new class is useful for adding dictation support to editors.
  • Added new commands: deleteWord, addWord, setWordInfo, getWordInfo
  • Added new commands: GramObj.setContext, GramObj.setHypothesisCallback
  • Added new exceptions: WrongType
  • Added extra parameter to inputFromFile, GramObj.load()
  • Fixed a few bugs in Python threading, and a memory leak in recognitionMimic
  • Fixed the occassional SRERR_INVALIDPARAM error
  • Updated to test more of the system

  • Modified so that we will detect new Python files created after NatSpeak is started. Also added support for multiple application specific module files.

  • Added new sample programs:,,,,, and
Version 003 - July 26, 1999 (
  • Corrected a typo (too many spaces) in MiscScripts\ This prevented the test script from running.
Version 002 - July 24, 1999 (
  • Added the function ResObj.getWave()
  • Added code to trap the error HOOKERR_INJECTFAILED which is thrown inside getCurrentModule() when it is not currently possible to get the module name. Instead of raising an exception, the code now returns the tuple ("","",0).
  • Files changed: macrosystem\natlink.dll, natlinksource\dragcode.cpp, dspeech.h, excepts.cpp, excepts.h, natlink.dsp, natlink.txt, pythwrap.cpp, resobj.cpp, resobj.h

  • Added code to handle empty module names which can now be returned by getCurrentModule() and from the begin callbacks.
  • Files changed: macrosystem\,

  • Removed tabs from all Python source files.
  • Fixed a bug in parseFilename which was not properly removing the extension. This caused natlinkmain to fail to reload files or file files when a new module was loaded.
  • Files changed: macrosystem\, samplemacros\,,,, miscscripts\,,,
Version 001 - July 18, 1999
  • Initial release

This web page ( was last modified on February 24, 2001. The contents of this page are (c) Copyright 1998-1999 by Joel Gould. All Rights Reserved. See Copyright Information for more details.

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