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Support for This Software

Last Modified: November 23, 1999

There is no official support for any software posted on this web site.

Dragon Systems can provide no information or support regarding anything on this web site. Do not call or write Dragon Systems asking for help regarding something you read or downloaded from this web site. Really. If people start bothering Dragon about the things that I post on my web site, I may be forced (strongly convinced) to remove the information which is generating calls.

In addition, I can not promise to personally provide support for any software posted on this web site. As time permits, I will try to fix bugs in the software I post, but I can not guarentee that I will find the time.

You can send me e-mail with questions or bug reports. However, I reserve the right not to answer your e-mail or to wait a while before responding. (Waiting before responding has proven to be a very effective technique. People do get answers but not in a timely enough fashion to encourage them to bombard me with an endless stream of questions.)

That said, I like e-mails which say things like: "I just love your web site. I downloaded NatLink and am now using it to write really neat macros. Thank-you for all the work you put in to make Dragon NaturallySpeaking an even better product." They remind me that I am not wasting my time without requiring an immediate response.

If you do need help with Dragon NaturallySpeaking or some information you read or software which you downloaded from this site, then there are people in the internet community who can help. Please see Where to Get Help for more information.

This web page ( was last modified on November 23, 1999. The contents of this page are (c) Copyright 1998-1999 by Joel Gould. All Rights Reserved. See Copyright Information for more details.

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