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Last Modified: February 24, 2001

Welcome to the NaturallySpeaking Unofficial Information Pages.

I have designed this web site as a source of information about Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the large vocabulary, general purpose, continuous speech recognition system from Dragon Systems. In this web site, I have included details of Dragon NaturallySpeaking which are not documented anywhere else. I have also included a number of utility programs and packages which will allow users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking to get the most out of their program.

If this is your first visit to the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Unofficial Information Pages, that I strongly recommend that you start by reading the page About This Web Site.

For repeat visitors, I have optimized this introductory page to list recent the changes which I have made to this web site in reverse chronological order.

(I am slowly moving all the information from my old site to here. Until everything has been moved, you may also want to check out the old site at

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February 24, 2001

I have officially release version 007 of my NatLink package. The major new feature is (optional) support for Python 2.0. See NatLink Versions for more details.

During the week of March 5th, I will be attending the 9th Annual Python Conference. During the conference, I will be presenting my NatLink paper, called: Implementation and Acceptance of NatLink, a Python-Based Macro System for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Once the conference is over, I will figure out how to make sure that the paper is accessible so everyone can read it.

January 9, 2001

I want to let people know that I have resigned from Dragon Systems (now Lernout & Hauspie), effective January 12th. I will try to find time to update this website in the next month or two to bring it upto date. However, since I have left Dragon Systems, I will not have as much inside information about future products. You can keep up with my future plans by visiting my personal web site

Also, I have been lax in posting the following announcement (sorry Parmod).

Parmod Gandhi has written a book called Dragon NaturallySpeaking Complete. Although I do not normally plug books on this website, this book is a special case -- I wrote the forward. If you want to read my wonderful forward, or learn more about Dragon NaturallySpeaking from some other experts, then I recommend this book.

November 8, 2000

I want to thank everyone who responsed to my previous request for feedback on NatLink (See Oct 11). I had more than enough material to work with for my paper. My paper is now in the hands of the referees.

October 14, 2000

I have moved the section on NatLink, my Python macro system from my old site to this new site. You can read all about it starting with Python Macro System.

I have posted a new version of NatLink, version 006. You can download this latest version from the NatLink download page (NatLink Versions). With this new version of NatLink, Enable.exe now detects Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 5.0 including the Professional Edition so you no longer need the patched EnableNL.exe described below.

October 11, 2000

I am considering writing a paper about my Python Macro System for the 9th annual Python Conference. In order to research my topic properly, I am looking for feedback from my user community.

If you use NatLink or if you have tried to use NatLink, please send me an email ( I am interested in knowing your experiences, both good and bad. I want to know what you use NatLink for and why you like it. Let me know how complex are the macros you write (samples are appreciated). Also, if you were new to Python, also let me know what you think of the Python language.

Finally, if you tried NatLink but no longer use it, I want to know why and what I might do to improve the system.

October 7, 2000

OK, I admit that I have been lax at finishing the conversion of my Dragon NaturallySpeaking site to the new format. I promise to put more work into it. My first task is to copy over the information from the previous version of this site. I have started that and will continue to work on it over the next few weeks. In the meantime, my old site will still be accessible from

Important notice for users of NatLink and Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 5.0. NatSpeak 5 broke the EnableNL program in NatLink. This means that you can not longer enable NatLink Python macros when you use NatSpeak 5. Here is a link to a temporary fixed version of the EnableNL program. If you have NatSpeak 5 installed, this version of EnableNL will detect it (although it will be named "Install"), and allow you to enable Python macros.

EnableNL.exe for NatSpeak 5.0

(Editor's Note: You now longer need this patched version of EnableNL.exe if you download and install NatLink version 006 or better. NatLink006 includes complete support for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 5.0 including the Professional Edition.)

March 26, 2000

I have been slowly converting the NatSpeak InfoPages over to this new format. Today I am posting my progress to date on the GouldHome site. This is a temporary location. As soon as I finish converting the entire site to this new format, I move the entire site back to its permanent home at Please do not bookmark any page at this temporary location. I am posting things here only to test the site before it goes on line.

January 14, 2000

In the previous update, I had indicated that I was planning on moving this web site to a different location. However, I have been convinced to leave the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Unofficial Information Pages at the current location on the Synapse web server. When I do finally post these updated pages, I will simply overwrite the existing web site.

November 23, 1999

After a long hiatus, I have finally gotten back to converting the site. I have decided to post modifications as I make them.

July 31, 1999

I have started to convert my entire web site over to a new look and feel. The old layout was based on a web designed tool called Trellix. It made maintenance of this web site very easy, and included an innovative site map, but it was based on frames which many people do not like and which confuses search engines to no end.

Therefore, I am redoing the entire site using this new format. During the process off transferring information over to the new format, I am reviewing the content of every page for relevancy and accuracy. Information which is no longer relevant or otherwise obsolete will be removed or updated. As a result, the total size of the site should somewhat, but I am sure that it will grow again as I add new information and features in the future.

I want to thank those people who took a look at my prototype layout and voted as to whether they preferred the old layout with this new look and feel. The votes were overwhelmingly for this change.

This web page ( was last modified on February 24, 2001. The contents of this page are (c) Copyright 1998-1999 by Joel Gould. All Rights Reserved. See Copyright Information for more details.

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Synapse, a provider of speech recognition solutions.