Headset Switcher Multimedia Amplifier MX10

The Plantronics Headset Switcher Multimedia Amplifier enables advanced desktop applications, increasing the productivity of headset users.

Headset Switcher™ Multimedia Amplifier MX10 PictureSpeech Recognition provides many computer users a preferred option to using the keyboard and mouse. With speech recognition software installed, users interface directly with the computer, simply by speaking into the microphone of a Plantronics headset.

  • Reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

  • Increase productivity for slow typists.

  • Create and update customer / patient records,

  • Reduce transcription errors, delays and costs by dictating documents.

  • Make computers accessible to disabled employees.

Computer-Based Training reduces costs by bringing courses to the desktop. Interactive, multimedia-based training is often more effective than traditional classes.

  • Content delivered over a network or on CD-ROM.

  • Trainees learn at their own pace.

  • Can switch back to their own pace.

  • Can switch back to their telephone-based job responsibilities at any time.

Desktop Conferencing allows people in distant locations to use their computers to interact.

  • Reduces costs and boosts productivity by providing an effective alternative to business travel.

  • Enables data conferencing to exchange and edit documents in real time, or work with one or more colleagues in the same application.

Single Headset with Telephone and Audio Device. Convenient use of both the telephone and audio device, using the same high-quality Plantronics headset.

Easy to Install. Adapts almost all telephones for use with a variety of Plantronics headset styles.

Easy Audio Compatibility. Compatible with most audio devices, e.g., computer soundcard, voice / fax modem, CD player or tape recorder / player. (Eight-foot audio device cable with 3.5mm plugs for microphone and headphone connection included.)

Easy to Operate. Simple button controls for headset / handset selection and telephone / audio selection.

Easy to Adjust. Separate controls allow independent adjustment of outgoing and incoming volume for the telephone, and incoming volume for the audio device.

Easy to Hear and Be Heard. Call Clarity ™ technology sets a new standard for sound quality.

Easy on the Ears, Too. SoundGuard®Plus™ delivers automatic sound protection by keeping incoming sounds at comfortable hearing levels.


Product Specifications

Product Sheet (pdf)
Price $155.00


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