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it is not compatible with XP or VISTA

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VXI PARROTT  Caribbean  Headset

Full duplex Stereo USB headset system with digital microphone and earphone, quick disconnect volume control and mute.

VXI PARROTT  Caribbean  Headset pictureThe Caribbean headset system is a stereo voice recognition headset that also sets the standard for accuracy and USB simplicity. The Caribbean enables a computer to implement voice-based applications through the USB port. Applications such a internet telephony, on-line games, video conferencing, choice recording, and voice chat, with specific support for IBM Via Voice and L&H and Dragon System software offerings. The Caribbean gives you full two-way digital USB audio operation, a digital microphone, the depth and imaging of full digital stereo and full duplex convenience of the Parrott Translator. Like the other monaural USB Parrott headset systems, the Caribbean utilizes VXI’s award-winning noise canceling microphone technology to block out any outside noise that could interfere with conversation. The Caribbean headset includes the following features: USB connection for ease of use meaning less clutter and no batteries, a modular “Quick Disconnect” jack to easily separate the headset from the computer, volume control, microphone mute and superior quality digital sound with CD quality playback. The Caribbean doesn’t need a sound card distortion and noise resulting from sound card use isn’t a factor, Requires a USB compatible with Windows 98 SE, W 2000, Windows ME and Mac OS


Product Specifications

Binaural  Covers both ears
Model Caribbean 

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