Critical Acclaim for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Read what some of the reviewers have been saying:

January 12, 1998.  BusinessWeek.  The Best New Products / Software to Watch in 1998
"NaturallySpeaking from Dragon Systems translates your speech into text on your screen. The $120 programs' understanding isn't always perfect, but it marks a breakthrough in speech recognition"

January, 1998.  Time Magazine:  The Best of 1997 / Cybertech

January 1998. PC/Computing, "MVP Winner: Usability Achievement of the Year"
"Dragon NaturallySpeaking earned our Usability Seal of Approval and our respect for its overall ability to make your computer work the way you want rather than the other way around."

January 1998. Byte Magazine (Russell Kay)
"…I’d pick NaturallySpeaking for its friendlier training, speed, ability to add vocabulary easily, and overall better accuracy."

December 16, 1997. PC Magazine, "Software Winner: Naturally Speaking"
"Finally--an accurate product for continuous speech recognition that facilitates dictation on your PC!"

December 1, 1997. PC Week, "Best Utility Software: NaturallySpeaking Deluxe"
"Dragon Systems Inc.’s NaturallySpeaking Deluxe stood out among the many voice recognition systems at Comdex for its usability and applicability in a corporate setting."

November 1997. PC/Computing (Dave Gerding)
"Dragon NaturallySpeaking wins for overall ease of use and for having the most intuitive editing features."

September 22, 1997. Business Week ( Stephen Wildstrom)
"After training, both programs are surprisingly accurate at converting spoken words to text, though I’d give a slight edge in accuracy to Dragon."

September 2, 1997. San Francisco Chronicle (David Einstein)
"It looks as if Dragon has the drop on Big Blue in a big way. Its NaturallySpeaking software…is superior in key areas to IBM’s ViaVoice"

September 1, 1997. InfoWorld (Victor Garza)
"The best overall product for continuous speech recognition, Dragon’s NaturallySpeaking." 

August 18, 1997. Fortune (Michael Himowitz)
"Once you’ve tuned NaturallySpeaking to your voice—an easy process—all you have to do is fire it up and start talking"

August 4, 1997. Los Angeles Times (Lawrence Magid)
"Now, my PC can understand nearly every word I say, thanks to Dragon Systems’ NaturallySpeaking. This remarkable software captures your words as you speak in a normal voice and at a normal pace."

August 1997. Byte Magazine (Steve Gillmor)
"NaturallySpeaking excels with complete sentences, producing as much as 95 percent accuracy after a day of steady use."

July 31, 1997. The Boston Globe ( Hiawatha Bray)
"NaturallySpeaking is faster than (IBM’s) ViaVoice and more accurate as well."

June 23, 1997. Los Angeles Times (Lawrence Magid)
"A breakthrough…allows you to dictate to your PC at normal speaking speed"

June 2, 1997. PC Week (Herb Bethony,)
"NaturallySpeaking can turn almost anyone into a speed typist."

April 3, 1997. PC Magazine (John Morris)
"…dictate information to your computers in almost the same way that you’d talk to the next-door neighbor."

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Awards


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