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New More Powerful and Accurate NaturallySpeaking Version 10


Whether you dictate as a part of your profession, are just learning to type, or want to avoid the pain and tedium of the keyboard, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 is the breakthrough in speech recognition that you have been waiting for. A breakthrough in accuracy, delivering an amazing 25% increase and up to an astounding 99% speech to text conversion level.

A breakthrough in ease-of-use, allowing you to complete complex tasks with a simple word or phrase. A breakthrough in flexibility in turning recorded speech into text - from Pocket PC's, Palm Tungsten, Tablet PC and digital recording devices. And finally a breakthrough in affordability, with versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking tailored to meet your specific needs.


version 10 $895.00

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Academic/Government $799.00

Spanish $895.00


Preferred version 10

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Academic/Government $229.00

Spanish $249.00

French $249.00




version 10 $1,199.00

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Academic/Government $1,099






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