Dragon NaturallySpeaking Mobile

Now you can create text almost anywhere!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Mobile is the complete speech recognition system for people on the move. It's the easy, fast, natural way to capture your thoughts, whether you're heading to an appointment, waiting for a flight, or going about your business. It includes Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred software, the ergonomic, hand-held Dragon NaturallyMobile™ digital recorder - the first recorder specifically designed for speech recognition - special linking software, and a high-quality headset microphone for use with your PC. The Dragon NaturallyMobile recorder holds up to 40 minutes of continuous speech in its built-in memory, and up to 80 additional minutes on available removable memory cards. Just press "Record" and speak naturally into the recorder. To review your dictation, play it back using the built-in speaker. Back at the office, attach the recorder to your PC, select the recording, click "Transcribe", and your dictation is immediately, automatically transcribed.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Mobile includes everything you need to increase your productivity today!

  • The hand-held Dragon NaturallyMobile digital recorder - the first recorder specifically designed for speech recognition, which holds up to 40 minutes* (approximately 10 pages) of recorded speech in internal memory
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred software, the full version of the award-winning continuous speech recognition software
  • High-quality headset microphone to take advantage of speech recognition features at your desktop
  • Cable to connect the recorder to your PC serial port
  • Two AAA batteries for use with your recorder

* Optional memory cards, with up to 80 additional minutes each, can provide an unlimited amount of storage.


Use the palm-sized, lightweight digital recorder to create documents almost anywhere. No need to wait for a PC to boot. Fortune® magazine called the Dragon NaturallyMobile™ recorder "a gem."

Speak naturally and at your normal pace - up to 160 words per minute and more - using the recorder's high-quality, built-in microphone, without pausing between words. Listen to your recordings with the built-in speaker. Built-in editing features allow you to insert and remove text.

File your recordings into folders (up to 99), which you can individually name for easy organization. Each folder can contain up to 99 individual files, which are marked with the date and time of the recording, and name of the user.

Record up to 40 minutes with the standard memory. The backlit LCD screen tells you how much recording time is left, battery life, and more.



Connect the recorder to your PC when you return to your office using the provided cable and the special linking software included in the package. Select the recording and click "Transcribe". The system automatically does the rest.


A complete copy of the award-winning Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred lets you dictate, edit, and format text by voice at your PC, using Select-and-Say™ technology, directly into your favorite Windows® applications, including Microsoft® Word 97, Corel® WordPerfect® 8, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft WordPad, Microsoft Chat 2.1 and 2.5, and GoldMine™.

Use Natural Language Commands in Microsoft Word 97 to edit, format, and navigate without memorizing a set of fixed commands. Just state the commands in the manner that is natural to you.

Industry-leading BestMatch™ recognition technology assures high accuracy: PC Magazine2 reported that Dragon NaturallySpeaking, "achieved up to 99% accuracy" in competitive testing. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has won over 60 major industry awards!

  1. Fortune, November 9, 1998.
  2. PC Magazine, October 1998. Copyright ©1998 Ziff-Davis Publishing Co.

System Requirements

Minimum 200 MHz Pentium® Processor, IBM® compatible PC, with available serial port, Windows® 98, Windows 95, Windows NT® 4.0 , Windows 2000.

Memory Requirements
Minimum 32 MB (Recommended 64 MB) for Windows 95 or Windows 98, 48 MB for Windows NT 4.0, additional 16 MB needed when running Corel® WordPerfect® 8 or Microsoft® Word 97 simultaneously with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. BestMatch technology requires a 200 MHz Pentium Processor and a minimum of 48 MB of RAM

Hard Drive Requirement
Minimum 180 MB

Sound Card
Dragon Systems-certified or equivalent 16-bit sound card or built-in audio system with input quality equal to or greater than the Creative Labs® Sound Blaster® 16

What's in the Box
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Mobile, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred, special linking software, Dragon NaturallyMobile digital recorder with built-in microphone and speaker, thin connecting cable, and a premium microphone headset

Price: $399.00

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Mobile