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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Solutions

Managing your time wisely is the key to increasing client satisfaction while reducing overhead, overtime, and stress. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Suite is the award winning software product that can help you increase productivity and be more responsive to your clients.

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Suite you dictate naturally and directly into your PC. Your words are immediately transcribed on your screen and into your document. You can quickly create briefs, time and billing records, correspondence, and e-mail. There is no need to wait hours or days for your work to be transcribed. You can even eliminate the fees paid to an outside service.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Suite is fast, accurate, and dependable. It was designed with features that meet the needs of legal professionals


"Like many lawyers, I was originally skeptical...Well, I can report that not only does it work, it allows me to dictate faster than I ever imagined."

- Mark Nearenberg, Manhattan attorney

Key Benefits

  • Reduces or eliminates transcription processing time and costs.
  • Speeds up routine tasks on the PC by enabling you to create and format documents, enter time and billing information, send e-mail, and more-all by voice.
  • Increases productivity when away from the office.
  • Promotes prompt, standardized reporting and documentation procedures.
  • Helps address Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 requirements.
  • Protects users from developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and helps employees with RSI return to work.

Examples of legal terms, phrases, and abbreviations included in Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Suite.


Court Names Bankr. (Bankruptcy), Fed.Cir. (Federal Court), T.C. (Tax Court)
Case History and weight of authority Acq. In result, aff'd on reh'g, cert. Granted, mandamus denied, prob. Juris, noted, rev'd per curiam
Litigation Documents Admis. (Admission), Decl. (Declaration), Hr'g (hearing)
Subdivisions of legal documents Annot. (annotation), art. (article), cl. (clause), nn. (footnotes), prmbl. (preamble), sched. (schedule), 2nd (second)
Latin and Law French phrases Arguendo, emptor, fait accompli, force majeure, mesne
Hyphenates attorney-client, cross-claim, debtor-in-possession, three-judge



"Regardless of what size practice you have, it will make your job easier and make you more efficient."

- Mark Nearenberg, Manhattan attorney


Macros are speech commands that allow you to enter boilerplate text in documents or execute complicated commands with a single word or phrase. The advanced macro capabilities, with a Basic-like scripting language, lets you add a natural, speech interface to existing applications for controlling your desktop.


Examples of Legal Macros That Can Be Designed

The DragonNaturally Speaking Legal Suite does not come with macro templates. The following are samples of macros that you, your technical staff person, or a Dragon Certified Reseller can create.


You say: Resulting action
Open Time and Billing Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Suite opens up a standard form for services. You say "Carlisle Mortgage" and the client information in filled in. Say "three hours" and dictate the specific information.
Check e-mail messages? Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Suite goes to your e-mail and opens any new mail.
Open Employee Agreement Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Suite opens the standard insurance letter and prompts you with "employee name" and "company".
Open Client Record Bill Smith Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Suite opens up a "new client record" for "Bill Smith" and prompts you in filling in the form.

Top Features

True Continuous Speech

Speak to your computer naturally and at a normal pace-up to 160 words per minute and more-without pausing between words. Your words are immediately transcribed on the screen and into your document.


"Dictation is the key to productivity for an attorney, and that's why this tool is such a breakthrough."

- Edward Kelly, Patent attorney


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Academic & Government Site License Pricing # of users Price per user
NaturallySpeaking Preferred Site License 10-499 $107.46
NaturallySpeaking Professional Site License 7-332 $375.50
NaturallySpeaking Legal Site License 5-249 $537.50
NaturallySpeaking Medical Site License 5-249 $537.50
Commercial Site License Pricing # of users Price per user
NaturallySpeaking Preferred Site License 10-29 $159.00
NaturallySpeaking Professional Site License 7-19 $556.00
NaturallySpeaking Legal Site License 5-14 $796.00
NaturallySpeaking Medical Site License 5-14 $796.00

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